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Chapter 560: It Isn’t Clear Who the Winner Is Yet

She was only intending to invite Fu Ge and his family.

She was also planning to invite Professor Cheng Wu at that time. Not wanting her celebration feast to seem too low class, she turned to Shen Qiongzhi and said, “Mom, can you also invite Grandma Tang? After all, it’s my celebration banquet. I hope that she’ll be able to attend.”

She knew all the famous people and families in Rao City, but only Tang Wei’s family was worth forging a relationship with.

The Tang Family wasn’t as powerful as the Jiang Family.

However, they were still considered the top one or two most powerful family in Rao City.

Qiao Chen wanted to invite them to her banquet to support herself.

“Regarding this…” Shen Qiongzhi hesitated. It wasn’t that she was unwilling to invite the Tang Family. They were strong and influential. If they were willing to attend Qiao Chen’s celebration banquet, it would definitely be beneficial.

However, they had caused some trouble for the Tang Family when they celebrated Qiao Chen’s birthday previously. At that time, Tang Wei already expressed that they should have as little contact with each other as possible. Although they didn’t explicitly cut off all ties, it would be shameless of them to invite the Tang Family after that incident.

However, her daughter wanted to invite people from the Tang Family. Even if Shen Qiongzhi felt embarrassed, she still agreed. “Okay, I’ll let your grandmother know and try to get Grandma Tang to attend your celebration feast.”


Qiao Chen didn’t care if they were embarrassed while inviting the Tang Family. She felt satisfied after she achieved her goal. She gave a simple acknowledgment, put down her glass of water, and started walking to her room.

Shen Qiongzhi suddenly said, “By the way, I want to invite someone too.” No one knew if she was already thinking of inviting someone else or she did this on a whim.

“Who is it?” Qiao Chen didn’t care and asked casually. “Mom, you can just invite anyone you want. One or two more people won’t make much of a difference.”

“She’s special!”

Shen Qiongzhi raised her chin, unable to hide her pride and contempt. She whispered, “I’d like to invite Qiao Nian to your celebration banquet.”

The piece of paper in Qiao Chen’s hand was almost destroyed.

“Qiao Nian?”

Shen Qiongzhi still didn’t know that Qiao Nian had been admitted into Qing University. She had a look of disdain on her face as she said, “That’s right. In the past, she went around messing things up for you everywhere. She even caused you to lose your sponsorship. This time, you successfully got into Qing University, but she failed. This is a chance to show her who is truly the phoenix! That will show her whose fault it really was, whether it was because we, the Qiao Family, treated her poorly, or because she’s useless.”

Qiao Chen wasn’t in the mood to listen to her explanation. Qiao Chen saw that she was very excited. The corners of her mouth twitched and she had a complex look in her eyes. However, she wasn’t able to tell her what happened in the afternoon.

Everyone thought that Qiao Nian had failed the examination. No one knew that she actually scored 650 points, the full marks for the examinations!

Not only did she make it into Qing University, but according to Wen Ziyu, the reason Qing University did not publicize the results this time was to prevent other schools from poaching Qiao Nian!

It was so humiliating. How could she allow Qiao Nian to attend her celebration banquet?

If Qiao Nian really came, she was afraid that she would come with an air of arrogance and look at her with condescending eyes.

It would be just like what happened in the Japanese food store during lunch. It would be similar to how Liang Bowen and the rest looked at her!

Qiao Chen was upset.

Fortunately, Qiao Weimin had heard what Shen Qiongzhi said. Dissatisfied, he interrupted her. “All right, it’s a good thing that she was admitted into college. Why do you have to make someone else unhappy?”

“I think you’re still trying to defend Qiao Nian.”

“I’m not defending her. I just feel that since everyone is already on such bad terms with each other, there’s no need to antagonize her anymore. Furthermore, you have also raised her for more than ten years. Why do you have to treat her like she’s your enemy?”

Taking advantage of their quarrel, Qiao Chen said, “Mom, I will go back to my room first.”

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