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Chapter 558: Zhou Hengfeng Is on the Same Level as Sun?

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Surprised, Jiang Xianrou pursed her lips and said modestly, “Why not? Did you not say that Master Wang was trying to check on something? He even went to look for a few people to help, but they didn’t manage to find anything.”

She mistakenly thought that Qin Si refused her offer because he was unfamiliar with Zhou Hengfeng. She then explained softly, “I don’t know who Sun is, but Uncle Zhou is famous in China. He should be about the same level as Sun from the Red Alliance. If Master Wang needs him to help out, I can try to ask Uncle Zhou to help him out.”

“You said that Zhou Hengfeng is of the same level as Sun?”

Jiang Xianrou was still enjoying the praise she received just now and was still in her own world. She nodded calmly. “He should be of the same level as the Sun you were referring to just now. However, Uncle Zhou does not accept online requests. He’s relatively more low-key and might be less well-known because of this.”

Qin Si was speechless.

Was the Red Alliance merely a third-rate hacker organization that would simply accept requests that were posted online in her eyes?

Was Sun merely a lowly hacker that operated under a false name online?

Seeing her arrogant and casual expression, Qin Si knew that she might have heard of the Red Alliance before. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have made this remark.

He had also heard of Zhou Hengfeng before. Zhou Hengfeng was indeed famous among Chinese hackers.

However, they had already sought help from people who were a hundred times more powerful than Zhou Hengfeng. Even they were unable to help them!

They finally managed to solve their issue when the Red Alliance accepted their request. In less than half an hour, the Red Alliance managed to complete their request and even attached a map!

Leaving Jiang Xianrou aside, even if Zhou Hengfeng was here, he wouldn’t dare to say that he was at the same level as Sun.

It could only be said that Jiang Xianrou was fearless. She dared to make such an unthinkable remark.

Qin Si’s earrings were shining and his expression was cynical. He had managed to suppress the thoughts in his heart.

Zhou Hengfeng was comparable to Sun?

He was afraid that Zhou Hengfeng wouldn’t even be qualified to carry Sun’s shoes!

However, Jiang Xianrou was still Jiang Li’s sister. Even if he wanted to make a remark, he still had to respect the person backing her. He was too lazy to explain how powerful the Red Alliance was and how admirable Sun really was.

Taking out his cell phone to call Bo Jingxing, he gave Jiang Xianrou a simple reply, “Not this time, thank you. We have already found what we are looking for.

“I’m going to make a call. You guys continue playing first.”

As he said that, he took his cell phone and walked out.

The other people looked at each other. Zhang Yang could tell something was up from his words and glanced at Jiang Xianrou. He could read the atmosphere well and did not allow his inner thoughts to show. However, his attitude towards Jiang Xianrou wasn’t as warm as before.

The other people who followed him here in the hopes of joining the small circle were not as insightful and observant as him.

He noticed Qin Si’s gentle tone when speaking to Jiang Xianrou, so he paid more attention to Jiang Xianrou’s position within the circle. He smiled and gently poured her a cup of agave wine, thinking of another topic to engage with her. “Miss Jiang, I heard that a music convention will be held in Rao City. Master Nie and many professionals will attend. Will you also be attending?”

Jiang Xianrou looked in the direction where Qin Si had left. Her heart felt empty. She had always felt like there was something wrong. However, before she could broach that topic, someone asked about the music convention.

The others beside Zhang Yang continued to ask her questions. “Music convention? What kind of an event is that? If it was so great, why is it being held in Rao City and not in Beijing? Master Wang has also been going to Rao City quite frequently. He’s seldom in Beijing. I don’t know what’s so attractive about Rao City.. Recently, everyone has been going there.”

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