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Chapter 524: So Smart That They Had to Hide Her Results

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If it really was the crown prince of the Ye family, who in Rao City would dare to reveal it?

Wei Dongshan was extremely regretful for finding his way into Wei Qi’s affairs. He really regretted getting himself involved. Then, he wouldn’t have had to deal with this much trouble now.

So much of his was at stake.

He felt like an innocent passerby who found himself caught in a fight between two forces!

Wei Dongshan looked at Shen Jingyan dead in the eye. His fingers were locked together and he was trying not to shake nervously. He asked with an awful expression, “Tell me the truth. Just who is Qiao Nian and where is she from? She’s beaten someone up, and now all the big bosses have found their way to Rao City all at once!”

This was a bloody mess!

He had seen the case file. She was just an ordinary high school student!

Said ordinary high school student had just arrived at First High School and was clearing her leave with Shen Hui.

Shen Hui had no lessons in the afternoon. Upon hearing that she was coming, she waited in the office.

The teachers in the staff room got agitated upon seeing Qiao Nian.

“This is the student who scored full marks in the Qing University examinations?”

“Teacher Shen, you’ve already got Wu Jie, the 500-pointer from your class. And now you’ve got…” The female teacher didn’t reveal her marks. She was envious, evidently wishing that Qiao Nian was her student instead. “Tsk, once the College Entrance Examinations are over and Qing University releases the scores, I bet the other schools in Rao City will go crazy.”

Qing University’s examination results were kept strictly confidential, even more so now than before. Some other schools’ results could be found online, but Qing University had not released them yet.

A lot of people thought that the questions from Qing University’s examinations were too difficult this time and that the students who sat for the papers were not of a high caliber, so the school refused to publish the results. They assumed that Qing University might be embarrassed if their grades were inferior to the other schools’.

Only a very small minority knew what was really going on.

Qing University wasn’t keeping the results from others because the students did terribly. It was because a student had done too well!

They were afraid that other schools would poach this student before everything was set in stone!

Also, Qiao Nian was a student wanted by the only two honorary professors of the school—Master Nie and Mr. Huang.

If Qiao Nian didn’t end up going to Qing University…

The two professors might just fade from the scene again!

They wouldn’t allow this to happen. This was why they kept their results so confidential this time and made sure not a single bit of information could be accessed. Even most of the people in Qing University had no idea about the examination situation.

“It seems like the compilation of model essays I handed to Qiao Nian was useful, after all.” The Form Teacher of Class C was a man with a smiley and plump face. He was holding a thermos flask and patting Qiao Nian on the shoulder. “Nice one, kid! Making Form Teacher proud!”

Shen Hui wasn’t aware of the delay in the processing of Qiao Nian’s student status. She had no idea about what had happened to Chen Yuan over the last few days, either. Seeing that Qiao Nian was back, she couldn’t conceal the smile on her usually stern face. Taking the leave slip from her, she said gently, “Your leave only ends tomorrow, why didn’t you rest more since you’ve just returned? You didn’t have to rush back.”

Qiao Nian put her hands in her pockets and replied casually, “I’m eating with some classmates. Since I was coming back, I might as well clear my leave.”

“That works too,” Shen Hui said, then thought of something. “Oh, right. The principal wants me to talk to you about something.”

Qiao Nian raised a brow.

Shen Hui smiled and said, “About the College Entrance Examination.”

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