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Chapter 525: Did Not Agree Immediately

Shen Hui told her what Principal Yu thought.

He hoped that she could sit for the upcoming College Entrance Examination and bring glory to the school.

Of course, this was entirely up to Qiao Nian. They wouldn’t force her to do it.

In other words, Qiao Nian could choose not to sit for the College Entrance Examination. She could just use her results from the previous examination to enter the Chinese Medicine Faculty of Qing University.

As to that, Qiao Nian did not agree immediately.

This was because Nie Mi had sent her a message earlier, saying he hoped that she wouldn’t sit for the College Entrance Examination. His reason was simple. He was worried that she would do too well and that other schools would eye her. He didn’t want her to change her mind about joining Qing University.

Although she didn’t agree immediately, Shen Hui kept her calm and did not make things difficult for her in any way. Shen Hui simply hoped that she would consider this option, but did not say anything more.

Qiao Nian left the office and headed for the school gate directly.

Liang Bowen, Shen Qingqing, and the rest had received her message and were already waiting at the school gate.

They got excited once Qiao Nian appeared.

“Sister Nian, what are we having?”

Qiao Nian was in a white T-shirt and had a black cap on. She looked at them with her bright eyes and said, “Anything’s fine. You guys decide.”

She had some money, anyway.

It was just a meal.

They could eat all they wanted!

Hearing that, Liang Bowen brushed his nose and looked like he was spoiled for choice as he asked the rest, “Sister Nian’s treating, where should we go?”

“Anywhere’s fine…” Shen Qingqing saw that there were many people around and did not want Qiao Nian to spend too much money.

The rest of the Class A students felt the same.

However, there were just too many eating outlets around school. It was hard to make a choice even if they were easygoing.

Fortunately, Jiang Tingting’s group of friends often dined near school and were very familiar with the options around. Seeing that nobody else had an idea, she suggested, “I remember seeing a new Japanese restaurant opposite our school. It opened only last month, and the place seems nice. It’s reasonably priced, too. Shall we go there?”

Shen Qingqing and a few others had seen that restaurant before when walking to school. The place was brightly lit with large windows, and the interior looked pretty cozy. Moreover, it was a new eatery but had promotional posters once in a while.

“Let’s go there, then.”

Shen Qingqing turned to look at the rest. “Is everyone else alright with that? Voice your objections now, or we’ll settle on that.”

Everyone in Class A just wanted to have a meal with Sister Nian. It didn’t really matter what they were eating.

They were agreeable and instantly decided to dine at the restaurant Jiang Tingting mentioned.

“Sister Nian, let’s have Japanese food then. What about you? Do you have any preferences, we can go with what you like.” After asking for everyone’s take, she made sure to ask for Qiao Nian’s too.

“I’m fine.”

Qiao Nian didn’t seem to have any objection, either.

She stood there carefreely, pulling her cap downwards slightly. “Since we’ve decided, let’s go. I don’t know the way, so I’ll just follow you guys.”

“I know where it is! I’ll lead.”

Jiang Tingting raised her hand and led the group towards the food street.

At this moment, the Japanese restaurant they picked was rather crowded.

The Class B teacher had released the class earlier. Xu Xu, Cai Yan, and a few others in their clique took up the largest table in the restaurant and had ordered quite a bit.

They sat around the table, with Qiao Chen being the focus of attention.

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