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Chapter 523: Waiting for Sister Nian’s huge trouble?

Her obedience softened Shen Jingyan’s expression. He waved her off. “Go ahead. Be careful and don’t stay out too late. Call your mother when it’s about time.”

“Alright.” Qiao Chen agreed quickly.

Before leaving, she took one last glance at the man sitting across Shen Jingyan. She felt that this Wei Dongshan wasn’t an ordinary person. His aura was extraordinary.

She thought about it for a while and recalled what she had heard him say. She smiled upon thinking about it.

It was Qiao Nian again!

It seemed like Qiao Nian was in huge trouble now!

Her footsteps were light and cheery as she left.

She didn’t hear what Wei Dongshan said worriedly after she’d left.

“I didn’t realize this Qiao Nian’s background was so complicated. She actually knows Old Master Su! You weren’t around to see Old Master Su’s attitude when he received her. He was obviously on her side, and they’re definitely close. Also, I heard this morning that someone bailed Chen Yuan out last night. I asked who it was, and not a single one of them dared to reveal the person’s identity… Brother Shen, that Qiao Nian is your niece and you know her well. Just where did she come from? How have I never heard of her when I was in Rao City?”

Shen Jingyan was so silent, it was as if someone had grabbed him by the throat.

He spent most of his time in Beijing and hardly returned to Rao City. When he learned about this ‘daughter’ from his sister’s family, he did not treat her terribly, but neither did he take special note of her. Under such circumstances, how was he to know about Qiao Nian?!

Wei Dongshan looked at how silent he was acting and took a few sips of tea out of frustration. His brows were locked, and he said solemnly, “You’ve got no idea, I feel like something huge is happening this time! I couldn’t sleep at all last night, and now I’m involved in this matter too. If this doesn’t get settled soon enough, the tables are going to turn!”

He went on, “I’ve already told Wei Ling, but she wouldn’t listen. Why don’t you talk to her and let her know not to persist in this matter? It’s about time she let it go! We both know what Wei Qi is like. He wouldn’t have been beaten up for nothing, he must have offended someone or done something terribly wrong. We have already canceled Qiao Nian’s student status. We just need to get her to pay a sum in compensation and leave it be. It’s what’s best for everyone. There’s no good in blowing this up… Old Master Su…”

Besides being afraid of the big boss Su Huaiyuan, he was also intimidated by the person who bailed Chen Yuan out.

Given his identity, half of Rao City was practically his territory. He already said his piece this morning, but nobody dared to reveal who the other party was.

What did that mean?

Their silence said more than words!

That person was surely at the top of the pyramid. He must be somebody who could determine one’s destiny with just a flick of his sleeves. That was why everyone kept mum!

Shen Jingyan listened to him. He saw how he was anxious sitting down and thought of standing a few times.

Exhaustion seeped through his thick brows as he met eyes with Wei Dongshan, whose gaze was more solemn than his. “The tables have already turned!”

Wei Dongshan was speechless.

Shen Jingyan had no idea how to tell him about the situation in Beijing. Even he had no idea what trump card Ye Wangchuan held against Wei Qi. He vaguely expressed, “The Ye family has already come into the picture!”

“You mean Master Wang?!” Wei Dongshan stood up agitatedly. His face went pale, and he fell back in his seat. Regret filled his face. “No wonder… no wonder nobody dared to tell me who bailed Chen Yuan…”

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