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Chapter 522: Couldn’t Be Bothered With This Small Fry

On the other side, Qiao Chen was preparing to leave.

She had arrived in Rao City at four in the morning and did not return home as it was too late. Hence, she and Shen Jingyan stayed in a hotel.

At noon, Xu Xu and Cai Yan, who knew she was returning from Beijing, called her to tell her that the class was preparing a party for her.

They wanted her to make a trip down to First High School.

If this had taken place a few days before, she might not have wanted to go.

After all, she had spent a month in Beijing and gained a lot of exposure living with Shen Jingyan and Wei Ling. She personally experienced the life of the upper class and felt some disdain towards these people in Rao City.

But she was in a great mood these few days.

Moreover, she had transferred out of First High School in such a hurry that it was embarrassing. Now that she was a student of Qing University and her ex-classmates wanted to celebrate for her, she agreed, with some intention to show off.

Since she was going to attend the party, she had to make sure that she was well-dressed. She spent so much time preparing that, by the time she left the house, it was already five in the afternoon, five hours after Xu Xu had called her.

Qiao Chen didn’t mind the time. She picked up her belongings and had just stepped out of the door when she heard Shen Jingyan talking to a man.

“Brother Shen, what’s with that Qiao Nian? I’ve asked Wei Ling, but she said you’re closer to her. Do you know what’s her background…”

Wei Dongshan paused midway when he saw Qiao Chen appear in his peripheral vision. He immediately turned to ask her.

“You are?”

Shen Jingyan turned around and saw Qiao Chen standing respectfully by the side. He rubbed his tired eyes and called out to her, “Chen Chen, come over.”

He then introduced her to Wei Dongshan. “This is my sister’s daughter, Qiao Chen. She’d put up at my house during the time she was sitting for the entrance examinations. Now, she’s successfully entered Qing University. Her mother gave her a call and got her to return to have a celebration, so I brought her along. The flight is late at night, and I found it unsafe to have her go home on her own. So, we put up in a hotel.”

Shen Jingyan was rich and generous. He was putting up in a high-class suite in a five-star hotel. The suite had two stories and four bedrooms, and even the kitchen was well-equipped.

Qiao Chen stayed on the upper floor.

She was standing by the two of them now.

Shen Jingyan was rather bothered by some matters and briefly introduced him to Qiao Chen. “This is your aunt’s cousin, you can address him as Uncle Wei.”

Qiao Chen had always been an obedient kid. On cue, she greeted him, “Hello, Uncle Wei.”

“Hello.” Wei Dongshan simply nodded at her and acknowledged her greeting, but he wasn’t concerned about her.

He hadn’t slept last night as Old Master Su’s reception was too late. He decided to wait up till dawn to quickly get some information.

The moment day broke, he started making countless calls to the neighboring cities. He looked for everybody he could think of but still had not managed to find out how Su Huaiyuan was related to Qiao Nian.

At this point, he really felt like his pants were on fire. Given how anxious he was, how could he possibly pay attention to a Shen family relative? If Shen Jingyan did not mention that she got into Qing University, he wouldn’t even be bothered with this small fry.

Qiao Chen could tell that his response was patronizing. She grabbed her bag straps tightly and made an appropriate remark, “Uncle, my classmates are meeting me back at my alma mater. I won’t bother you and Uncle Wei any further. I’ll take my leave first.”

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