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Chapter 457: You’ll Have More Chances to Try Again if You’re Rejected Early On

Ye Lan really liked Qiao Nian and made plans for her wholeheartedly. Naturally, she also hoped that Old Master Ye would like her.

“She only came to Beijing this time for her examination. She won’t be staying here for a long time. Let’s talk about that next time.” Ye Wangchuan looked at the time. Qiao Nian had been gone for five minutes and hadn’t returned yet. His eyes were deep as he sent her a message, telling her the private room number.

Qiao Nian was obviously looking at her cell phone. He received a reply from her a few seconds after seeing his message.

[QN: I will be there shortly.]

Ye Wangchuan put his cell phone away and looked at the dishes that Ye Lan had ordered. He called the waiter over and ordered a few Sichuan dishes. He then casually said, “Don’t appear too anxious, else you might scare her.”

Ye Lan only chose to dine at the Imperial Mansion because she didn’t know Qiao Nian’s preference. Seeing him ordering some Sichuan dishes, she made a mental note of Qiao Nian’s preferred food and the few dishes that he ordered. She raised her eyes and said, “You have been like this ever since you were young. You were always relaxed about everything. I’m becoming worried for your sake, even if you aren’t. When a girl as beautiful as Nian Nian goes to college, there will be many guys trying to woo her. If you still take things so slowly, you can just wait to attend her wedding with another guy in the future!”

Gu San also felt that Master Wang was too calm. As someone beside him, he was also worried for him. He didn’t understand why Master Wang didn’t seem to be worried.

“That’s right, Master Wang. What Miss Ye Lan is saying makes sense. When will you confess your feelings to Miss Qiao? What if I look for an opportunity and try to test out Miss Qiao’s feelings? In the case she rejects you, we will still have more chances in the future to woo her.”

He spoke the words “in case she rejects you” quite smoothly. It seemed like this wasn’t the first time he had this thought.

Ye Wangchuan glanced at him coldly. He said, “You seem to be very free recently. Are you free enough to be concerned about other people’s private affairs now?”

Gu San understood the threat in his gaze and shook his head vigorously. “No, I’m not free. I’m in the wrong. Sorry, Master Wang.”

Ye Lan couldn’t stand to see this anymore. She glared at him and said angrily, “Why are you threatening Gu San? He didn’t say anything wrong. All you do is stand beside her and look, not doing anything. If you continue to only look, someone will steal her away from you one day. You’ll regret it, then!”

Countless people were trying to pursue Ye Wangchuan. She wasn’t worried about him finding a partner.

She knew how charming and attractive her nephew was.

However, she was worried about what would happen if Qiao Nian rejected him.

Nian Nian always looked indifferent on the surface. Maybe she had no intentions of dating at all. On that note, Ye Wangchuan would most likely get rejected. She would have to look at him more gently and have more sympathy for him now.

Just as she was thinking of this, her cell phone rang.

Ye Lan looked at the caller ID and then picked up the call. She spoke briefly and then hung up in a hurry.

Then, her well-maintained and elegant face showed urgency as she spoke to the people in the private room. “The Old Master from the Wei Family is almost dying. It seems like he’s suffering from cerebral congestion. They’re searching everywhere for a doctor, but no one is willing to take on the risk. If this drags on, it seems like he won’t make it.”

Few families were on the same level as the Ye family.

The Shen Family wasn’t comparable to the Ye family, and the Wen Family could barely be considered to be on the same level. Only the Wei Family could be said to be on the same level as them, the Ye family.

However, ever since Old Master Wei’s health deteriorated, the Wei Family was in a mess. Everyone just hung around him like ghosts, trying to put on a show to maximize their personal interests before the Old Master’s last breath.

He was old and sick, but he still needed to watch his children and grandchildren quarrel selfishly in front of his hospital bed.

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