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Chapter 458: It Can’t Be a Diamond, Right?

Ye Lan’s heart hurt when she considered how Old Master Wei must be feeling. She pursed her lips and said, “Wei Mingxuan called me just now, asking if I knew any foreign brain surgeons and if I could introduce one to him. But the problem is that Old Master Wei is already 80 years old. Not many doctors would dare to operate on him.

“Who would take the risk if he passes away on the operating table due to some complication?” Ye Lan sighed and looked helpless. “That’s also why I didn’t introduce any doctors to him. The Wei Family is so messy now, and the family members keep fighting among themselves. It’s not my place to step in, lest I accidentally offend someone with my kind intentions.”

She thought for a moment and said, “This time, Wei Ling and her daughter from the branch family were the best. They even involved the Shen Family in their search for a doctor. What good intentions could they possibly have! They cannot wait for Old Master Wei to pass away, just so that the Shen Family can take advantage of the mess and reap some benefits. Wei Mingxuan was probably in a tough spot and had no choice but to call me. Unfortunately, there’s nothing I can do to help him.”

Beijing was very big, but those living in the upper circles always stayed in contact with each other. Interaction between everyone was inevitable. When Ye Wangchuan heard her mention Old Master Wei, he thought back to the times when the Old Master brought him to Chang’an Street when he was a child. His lips drew into a straight line. He held his teacup and said nothing.

He sighed from the bottom of his heart.

“In China, there’s someone called Liang Lu that specializes in brain surgery, right?”

Ye Lan was silent for a few seconds, and her eyes were helpless. “Yes. But Liang Lu is not a fool. She doesn’t dare to operate on Old Master Wei. She’s also afraid that this would hurt her reputation if she fails.”

When she spoke of this, she continued sadly, “Not everyone can bear the responsibility of treating all the wounded and dying in the world. Many people are more concerned about their own reputation. If they aren’t confident about the operation, they won’t even think of taking it on. Take Chen Chen’s case as an example. When he was ill, do you really think all the doctors we consulted had no clue as to how to help him? Of course, they had a way. But they just didn’t dare to try, in case their idea failed. They were all afraid that the failure would affect them, and also afraid of the repercussions from our family.”

In fact, when she watched her child walk with a limp, she felt so guilty she didn’t want to leave the house. As long as a doctor was willing to try to help Chen Chen, she would have been so grateful. Who would even think of taking revenge if they failed? The worst that could happen was that he would lose a leg. When that happened, Chen Chen would be no different from a cripple.

Fortunately, Ye Wangchuan brought him to Rao City and they met Qiao Nian. Ye Lan thought of this and felt relieved. She took out a velvet satin brocade box from her bag and put it on the table. She then said with a smile, “Nian Nian did so well for her examinations this time. I specially bought a gift for her.”

Gu San looked at her as she took out the box. Curious, he looked closer and said, “Miss Ye Lan, what did you buy? Looking at the size of this box, is there a diamond inside?”

“I’m not so tacky!” Ye Lan tutted and said, “I thought about buying necklaces and bracelets for her, but I changed my mind after a while. I don’t think she will like presents like those. Even if I bought those things for her, it would only be a waste.”

There was another reason why she didn’t buy jewelry. The jewelry looked too expensive, and she was afraid that Qiao Nian wouldn’t accept her present.

Ye Lan was very satisfied with the gift she bought this time. She smiled and said, “I thought for a long time before buying this gift. It may look ordinary, but I believe it will suit her.”

Seeing her speak so confidently, Gu San was even more curious. He couldn’t turn his eyes away from the box, hoping that she would open it and show him what she had bought. “So, what did you buy in the end, Miss Ye Lan?”

Ye Wangchuan also looked over. His eyes glinted and he put his tea aside. “What did you buy?”

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