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Chapter 456: It Seemed Like He Was Aiming for Girls Who Were Too Young for Him

She had guessed correctly. Qiao Nian was also in Imperial Mansion.

However, unlike Fu Ge’s normal private room, Ye Lan’s VIP private room was further inside.

When Qiao Nian and the rest arrived, Ye Lan was already in the private room, making a call.

Seeing that her guests had arrived, she spoke briefly into the phone and then hung up. She stood up, looked behind him, and asked in surprise, “Where is Nian Nian?”

“She went to the washroom.”

Liang Bowen also went to the washroom together with her. It seemed like he wanted to ask Qiao Nian more about her examination results.

“Okay.” Seeing that Qiao Nian had yet to enter the room, she looked at them angrily. “Why are you guys so late? I have been waiting for a long time.”

“We went to pick someone from the airport.”

Ye Wangchuan walked into the room first and took off his coat. He hung his khaki coat on the back of his chair. Wearing only a white T-shirt, he looked very prosperous. He had a pair of deep and profound eyes. He was tall, had wide shoulders, and a narrow waist. His white T-shirt gave him a clean and refreshing image. When he put his hand on his coat, the contrast allowed his slender fingers to be seen. His nails were also trimmed roundly and neatly. He looked flawless. His casual way of speaking only made him seem cooler!

Ye Lan was used to her nephew’s charming appearance. Naturally ignoring the visual impact he had on other people, she stared at him and realized that he was in a different style today. “You’re wearing a really youthful and refreshing style today. Have you decided to change your fashion style?”

Gu San could barely hold in his laughter, but he still let out a chuckle.

Ye Wangchuan glanced at him faintly.

He immediately covered his mouth and shrunk back, trying to make his presence smaller.

However, he praised Ye Lan inside. Ye Lan was so admirable. She said the exact same thing as Miss Qiao!

“No, I just casually picked a shirt.” Starting to get a headache, Ye Wangchuan pinched the center of his eyebrows. Seeing the dishes on the table, he pulled his chair out.

“Oh, I see.” Ye Lan squinted at him. She focused on his unexpectedly youthful-looking T-shirt and said, “In fact, you actually look good in this style. You’re still considered young, but you always wear those dark and dull-colored clothes. It’s good to try brighter colored clothes occasionally. ”

Ye Lan didn’t finish saying what she thought.

The other half of what she wanted to say was hidden in her heart.

Her nephew liked Nian Nian. It was obvious to everyone around him. Ye Wangchuan would turn 25 this year and wasn’t considered very old. But Qiao Nian was only 18 this year. Although he wasn’t considered old, it still seemed like he was aiming for girls who were too young for him.

However, both of them were extraordinarily good-looking and couldn’t be compared to the ordinary level of good-looking people. Standing together, they looked to be a good match for each other!

“You said you were picking someone up from the airport. Who is it?”

Ye Wangchuan took a cup and rinsed it with hot water. He then poured it out and poured himself a cup of green tea.

The tea served at Imperial Mansion was the Bamboo Leaf Green, and naturally, the quality of the tea served in the VIP room would be of the highest grade.

The tea leaves’ price was calculated by the gram, much like gold.

He took the blue and white porcelain teacup in his fair hand and skimmed the foam off the top with the lid. He watched as the tea leaves floated to the bottom of the teacup and then said casually, “We went to pick up Nian Nian’s classmate.”

“Is her classmate a boy or a girl?” Ye Lan’s reaction was similar to Gu San’s initial reaction.

Ye Wangchuan spoke concisely. “You have met this classmate before.”

Ye Lan couldn’t remember the faces of Qiao Nian’s classmates she saw before. Deciding not to think too much about it, she looked at him lightly but meaningfully. “Your grandfather wanted to come today, but I didn’t let him. When will you take Nian Nian to visit him? Since you have decided on things, you should have brought her to meet our family already. This is not something you should hide and avoid.”

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