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Chapter 422: Master Wang Is Prepared

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Ye Wangchuan looked at him in amusement and then asked lazily, “She needs to find a job?”

Gu San felt what it meant to lift a rock and hit himself in the foot. After a moment of silence, he still stood there, thinking about it. “But majoring in Chinese medicine is too bad! Miss Qiao has taken the exam so well, it’s a waste to study Chinese medicine. At least, she should study finance, or even enroll in the Clinical Department. There’s Liang Lu in the Clinical Department. Ms. Xianrou is a top student there, it’s such an honor to the Jiang family name.”

Miss Qiao was Master Wang’s fiancée. Sooner or later, her identity and credentials would be exposed.

What was Master Wang’s status? When the time came, many people in Beijing would definitely pay attention to Miss Qiao. Miss Qiao couldn’t tell others that she was a well-known Miracle Doctor on the black market. She needed an upright identity!

“Miss Xianrou is in the circle just because of this level of identity. Miss Qiao will definitely develop in Beijing in the future. Why not choose a good major and enter the circle in the future?”

The upper circle in every place was exclusive to foreigners, and how many people tried desperately to enter, only to fail. This was the case for a third-tier Rao City, not to mention the crouching tigers and hidden dragons in Beijing.

Moreover, given Master Wang’s identity, if Miss Qiao was to walk side by side with him in the future, it wasn’t enough just to rely on the Jiang Family!

He really liked Qiao Nian and was looking out for her. That was why he was so anxious about her major.

Ye Wangchuan could see the anxiety in his eyes. He could naturally see that he really cared for Qiao Nian. A little surprised, he put down the toy gun, squinted at him, and suddenly said, “Didn’t you look down on her before?”

Taken aback, Gu San stood still and bowed his head for a moment, then raised his head, his face showing a little firmness. He muttered, “I wasn’t familiar with Miss Qiao before. I admit that I underestimated her. But then everyone became familiar, and we spent so much time together. In addition, you and the young master both like Miss Qiao, and Eldest Miss also likes Miss Qiao. How could I look down on her?”

His face was a little red, and he was a little sullen. “Besides, Miss Qiao is not bad to me. She remembers to bring me a gift every time! Of course I was touched. I remember Miss Qiao’s kindness. I’m just too embarrassed to say it loud sometimes, but I know it in my heart.”

Ye Wangchuan retracted his deep gaze and said nothing else. “Remember what you said today, don’t forget it in the future!”

Gu San scratched his head and answered with a blushing face, “What’s there to forget about?”

Then, his expression turned solemn. “Don’t worry, Master Wang. I’ll definitely not forget it.”

Master Wang was asking him to stand in line, to stand on Miss Qiao’s side now and in the future.

He understood it.

And he didn’t regret it.

Qiao Nian was worth it!

“Mm-hm.” The phone on the table lit up. Ye Wangchuan picked it up to look at the message.

He looked up and said to him, “Elder Huang has returned a message. Tomorrow morning, accompany me, and then we’ll visit him.”

Gu San’s eyes lit up, and he asked excitedly, “Master Wang, have you managed to make an appointment with Elder Huang?”

It wasn’t easy to make an appointment with Elder Huang. Master Wang was impressive.

When Ye Wangchuan learned that Qiao Nian was going to choose the Chinese Medicine Faculty, he was thinking about the teacher and had found some relationship to make an appointment with Mr. Huang. Mr. Huang was not easy to make an appointment with. He had even been rejected twice. This was the third try, and at last, an appointment was made.

He always liked to do things with confidence.. Ye Wangchuan lowered his eyes, then turned out the address book and sent Ye Lan a message.

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