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Chapter 421: Mr. Huang Refuses to Accept It

[QN: It’s OK.]

Before she put down her phone, Nie Mi sent another message.

[Nie: Nian Nian, thank you. If you weren’t willing to appear this time, I don’t know who I should look for to represent traditional music for this promotion! By the way, I called today to ask the principal about your grades. Have you seen them?]

Qiao Nian really hadn’t seen her results. She had almost forgotten about it amidst her busy schedule.

When Nie Mi mentioned it, she remembered that the results of the independent enrollment of Qing University were released tonight. She could log in to the official website with her own admission ticket number to check her results, and students who had successfully obtained the qualification for the interview tomorrow would also receive a text message.

There were usually too many spam messages, and she had created a blocking software herself. She opened the trash box and, sure enough, saw a short message from a Beijing city number in it.

Not clicking on it, she withdrew directly, then replied to Nie Mi’s news.

Nie Mi sent another message.

[Nie: Hurry up and take a look! I heard that after the results came out today, the teachers at Qing University argued over you. Cheng Wu from the Finance Faculty said that tomorrow, no matter what the conditions are, you’ll be recruited into their faculty~! You, you, you can be so calm when you take a test, and you don’t even bother to look at your own results. I don’t know if you’re too arbitrary or if you’re confident enough that you don’t worry about failing to pass the exam. You… Have you rethought the matter of choosing the Chinese Medicine Faculty? If you enter that faculty with your score, sigh… I don’t know how to say it. You insist on scaring those people tomorrow!]

She would be the first student ever to get a perfect score in Qing University and give up the two popular majors of finance and clinical, only to choose the unpopular major that no one wanted.

Few people would believe it.

If he hadn’t learned from Qiao Nian that she was going to choose the Chinese Medicine Faculty, he would probably have his eyeballs falling out like everyone else when he heard about it during the interview tomorrow!

[Nie: I went to find Old Huang, but the old man was very stubborn, thinking that I wanted to go to the back door and send my relatives to him, so he would not see me. If you want to choose the Chinese Medicine Faculty, you’d better consider it again! If it doesn’t work, come to the Music Faculty. I’ll come back and teach you personally.]

Qiao Nian had heard of Mr. Huang’s name. He was well-known in China and was the living fossil of the Chinese Medicine Faculty circle. He was the only fig leaf of the Chinese Medicine Faculty and was even harder to approach than Nie Mi.

She originally thought that she could ask some intricate questions about Uncle Chen’s surgery. Seeing the message Nie Mi sent her, she regretted it…


Gu San brought a glass of water to Ye Wangchuan and saw that he was still playing with the toys and game discs that Qiao Nian had bought. Putting down the glass of water, he couldn’t help asking, “Master Wang, why are you not in a hurry?”

Ye Wangchuan had his long legs on the edge of the table, his elbows propped on the edge of the sofa, and his body leaning there relaxedly. He held the artificial gun in his hand. The one-to-one artificial gun looked like a child’s toy in his hand. He disassembled and assembled it at will. Upon hearing Gu San’s nagging, he raised his eyes lazily. His voice was low as if he was afraid of disturbing the person resting inside.

“What for?”

Gu San was at a loss for words. “About Miss Qiao’s choice of profession!”

He went around in circles anxiously, as if he had taken first place in Qing University. “I just thought you would talk to Miss Qiao beforehand and ask her to change her major. Why didn’t you say it! Miss Qiao’s grades in finance and clinical studies are more than enough. People are rushing to poach her, but she had to choose an unpopular major. She won’t even be able to find a job when she graduates!”

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