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Chapter 423: Coincidence

Ye Lan was socializing outside when she received the text message. More than a dozen people were sitting in the box.

Ye Lan had a drink or two, and when she saw the message, she got up, pulled the chair away, and said to everyone on the table, “Excuse me, I’ll have to go out to make a phone call.”

Everyone at the banquet knew the Eldest Miss from the Ye family, and they all responded, “Chairman Ye, go ahead.”

“Yes, go ahead.”

“Go, go.”

Ye Lan didn’t stay any longer. She took her phone and coat and pushed the door to exit.

As soon as she left, she called Ye Wangchuan back.

The call was picked up in seconds.

Not embarrassed, she asked straightforwardly, “Why are you going to see Mr. Huang all of a sudden? Has Nian Nian’s exam results been released?”

Gu San had told her that Qiao Nian had come to Beijing to take the Qing University’s independent admissions examination. She also wanted to invite Qiao Nian to dinner, but she had never found a chance.

Ye Lan counted the days in her heart. Today seemed to be the day of Qing University’s independent admissions exam. Her nephew suddenly sent her a message; it must have a deep meaning.

“How did Nian Nian score?” She was more concerned about this.

She had just walked out when several people came out of the box, seemingly going to the bathroom.

She glanced over at them. The girl was pretty good-looking and looked rather familiar.

She tried to take a second look, but they were quite far away, and she was more focused on the phone call. She only gave her a slight glance before passing her by.

At this moment, her sassy face suddenly showed a surprised expression upon hearing the person on the other end. Without controlling her emotions, she blurted out, “You said full marks? She enrolled with full marks?!”

Many people had come to the Imperial Mansion for dinner, and waiters were everywhere in the hallway. Her voice went out of control and was too loud, attracting many people’s gazes.

Ye Lan felt the curious gaze from the surroundings and couldn’t hide the joy between her eyebrows. In addition, she kept pressing on the phone with her hand, speeding up and walking out as she kept talking. “You didn’t tell me her grades were so good before, and I was still wondering whether to find a connection in advance. It made me worry for nothing. By the way, tomorrow morning…”

She had left in a hurry, so Qiao Chen only saw her back. But she still noticed the coat in her hand.

She had been in Beijing for a month, and she usually stayed with Wei Ling. Although Wei Ling didn’t take her to social gatherings and didn’t let her go out much, she could occasionally meet the ladies in the upper circle of Beijing. Her clothes and her coat weren’t things she had come into contact with before in Rao City!

In the past, the famous brands in her heart were no different from that of street stalls in the eyes of other people, and a mobile phone case that people casually held might have been designed by some master.

The coat she just saw was the same. It was Balenciaga’s joint series, a global limited edition, and it seemed to be only one!

The price was of course expensive for a limited design in the world.

In addition to caring about the coat, she also cared about the phone call she had accidentally heard. She turned her head as if inadvertently thinking of something. “Auntie, I just seemed to hear that person say someone got a full score in the exam? It can’t be this time’s big admissions exam, right?”

Wei Ling had gone to the bathroom to escape from the stuffy room and to fix her makeup, but Qiao Chen had insisted on following along.

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