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Chapter 371: Six-Figure Sum for a Hairdryer

She thought about it for a long while but did not manage to find a good reason for it.

She couldn’t be bothered, anyway. She changed her sitting position and worked on the keypad to delete the notification she received previously.

The light in the room fell right on her temple, making her look cooler than she already was!

At this point, her cell phone on the table rang. It was a call from Su Mo.

Qiao Nian leaned backward in her chair and picked it up.


Her voice was rather hoarse.

Su Mo had long been used to her tone and went straight to the point. “Miss Qiao, which hotel are you at? I’ll pick you up tomorrow morning. Let me know what time you’ll be up.”

Qiao Nian looked at the time at the bottom corner of her laptop. It was half-past ten. She squinted her eyes as she thought about it and then responded nonchalantly, “No need, I’ll call a taxi.”

“If I’m up early, I’ll be there at half-past nine. Otherwise, half-past ten.”

Cheng Feng Corporation had been funding some technological programs recently, including pharmaceutical research, the development of biological products… Yuan Yongqin had been on a business trip recently and would not be back in time. She happened to be in Beijing at this point and decided to get her help in watching over some of these programs. She could help to decide which programs they should continue funding and which were more like scams to get money out of the company.

Her hair was still wet and dripping with water. Two drops had landed on her neck, annoying Qiao Nian. She furrowed her brows and walked into the bathroom while holding onto her cell phone. She asked, “What time will those people be reaching tomorrow?”

“I set it at half-past nine.”

Su Mo didn’t even hesitate to consider. He immediately added, “If you can’t get up in time, I’ll get them to push it back to ten.”

Qiao Nian reached for a hairdryer in the drawer and glanced at the brand. It was a small, black dryer that looked unassuming, but was actually a top-tier international product. She remembered that this was a limited edition item at that, and would cost roughly a six-figure sum…

She then looked at the facial cleanser, face mask, and toiletries that Ye Wangchuan had prepared for her on the bathroom counter. They were all the same sort of quality and branding as the hairdryer.

Qiao Nian rubbed her temple and got even more frustrated.

The first-class cabin seats, the whole box of clothes in the wardrobe, and all these miscellaneous items… all of these were expensive. She’d already given him a sapphire cufflink the last time. Now what?

She recalled what she had brought in her bag.

She had come in a rush this time. Given her lazy nature, she decided to just pick her accommodation in Beijing. Everything else could just be bought when she arrived here.

Hence, she hadn’t even brought her clothes along. Her bag was practically empty.

The only thing that could even be considered as a gift was her bottle of pills.

Qiao Nian pursed her lips, thinking about how much of a possibility it would be to gift the bottle of pills. The person on the other line was getting a little flustered from her lack of response. “Miss Qiao, is ten in the morning too early? Should I push it back by another half an hour?”

Qiao Nian snapped out of her daze this time. She felt annoyed at herself.

The lights in the room were still on her temple. She put her cell phone down and put it on speaker mode, then plugged in the hairdryer. “I’ll head over at nine.”

“Alright, I’ll wait for you downstairs.”

Qiao Nian looked at the person in the mirror with tired eyes. She declined. “No need, I’ll head over on my own.”

Su Mo knew that she was a low-profile person and probably did not want to be noticed. He smiled and said, “Alright, then. I’ll wait for you in the office upstairs.”

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