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Chapter 372: Not Even a Second Look

With that, he thought about something else and mellowed his tone. “Chairman Yuan called me this afternoon and told me not to forget to prepare a box of fresh oranges. The oranges have not been on sale these few days, so I got someone to get a box from overseas. I’ll leave some freshly-squeezed orange juice for you in the morning.”

Orange juice again…

Qiao Nian’s vein popped in her temple and helplessness took over her face. She didn’t say anything but “mm” and then hung up.

Another message had come in on her cell phone—a reply from Shen Jingyan. Essentially, he meant to say that he was “very busy recently and probably wouldn’t have time for a meal”.

Qiao Nian was fine with that. She was the only person in control of her time and schedule. She asked him out for a meal because she promised him one previously. But if Shen Jingyan couldn’t make it, that was not on her. They just had to arrange another time in the future.

She replied to him briefly and then left her cell phone on the side as she began to blow dry her hair.

The hairdryer that Ye Wangchuan had prepared was good. It wasn’t on high heat but managed to get her hair dry fast.

After drying her hair, Qiao Nian washed up for bed. She had no need for those facial products and simply splashed some water on her face.

Something was flashing on her laptop.

She clicked it open to have a look.

An employee from the platform where she uploaded her music had sent her a private message: [Big Boss Zhui Guang, a big shot in Beijing wants to invite you out for a meal. Would you have the time to grace him with your presence?]

Qiao Nian had no desire to reply to that message at all. She deleted the message and turned her laptop off, then walked to her bed.

She was involved in music purely because she wanted to help Nie Mi advocate for this traditional culture. Of course, she enjoyed it herself and found it rather stress-relieving to create some music on her own sometimes. But that was it!

She didn’t have the time nor the interest to meet someone for a meal just for this!

At the Shen Family’s home.

After receiving a reply from the platform, Wei Ling’s expression turned awful. Her usual calm and poise expression was now a rare shade of anger as she scoffed. “This Zhui Guang really thinks ‘he’ is a big deal!”

Qiao Chen was playing on the piano at the side. At this point, she paused and asked sweetly, “What’s the matter, Aunt?”

Wei Ling usually couldn’t be bothered to respond to her. But now that she was fuming, she didn’t hide it from her. She said coldly, “I got someone to ask Zhui Guang out for a meal, but ‘he’ rejected it.”

If Wei Ling hadn’t mentioned her identity, she wouldn’t be so upset that the other party had turned her down. The issue was that she already said she was from the Piano Association, and that person still turned her down. What a snob.

She had already been rejected by Nie Mi once today. That was alright since Nie Mi was internationally renowned. But Zhui Guang was just a music enthusiast with nothing to ‘his’ name, and ‘he’ was acting so high and mighty.

Seeing how angry she was, Qiao Chen bit her lip and went over to hook her arm around hers. She looked sensible as she said, “Aunt, I know that you and Uncle are looking for Zhui Guang because of me.”

“‘He’ is just a weirdo loner who puts traditional music with rock and entertains some people on the Internet. I’ve heard that people who play rock music always think they’re so good and unique. ‘He’ probably thinks he’s famous now and wants to make himself special by being so elusive. ‘He’ has no idea who he’s just rejected.”

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