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Chapter 370: Not Qualified to Even Join the Red Alliance

The field wasn’t that huge, and she was always used to looking down on others from her high horse. Now, all of a sudden, an expert in the field was around her. It was no surprise that she was uncomfortable with this.

She thought about it for a while before sending Gu San a message.

In Qing University’s Rhine Apartment, Qiao Nian was just about to leave when she saw a notification on her laptop that someone was attempting to retrieve her IP address.

She raised a brow and leaned back in her chair as her fingers typed away on the keypad. She quickly changed her location from the apartment to a small district nearby.

She then remained seated and drank some warm water as she watched the hacker continually attempt to get data from her laptop.

If she had her temper from the past, the other party’s laptop would have been destroyed in this situation.

But now that she was putting up at someone else’s place, it was best not to cause trouble for them. She suppressed her temper and allowed the other person to ‘search’ for her.

Ten minutes later, that person still had not found anything useful. The search finally ended. They probably thought that she was such an easy target for not having removed any traces of herself.

When Qiao Nian realized that the other party had given up, she lazily put her cup down and placed her hands back on the keypad. It didn’t take her long to find out the identity of the hacker.

Hacker 957.

“Oh.” She was taken aback.

Hackers didn’t do very well locally. Most of them chose to become programmers for technological companies, and not many of them specialized in the field.

The person with ID 957 seemed rather impressive. She vaguely remembered his name was Zhou Hengfeng. He was already a hacker at a young age, and many companies in the technology field headhunted him, but he was unwilling to commit to any of them. It seemed like he was defiant by nature.

At that point, however, he stepped forward and helped web portals recover their data without a single cent.

That wasn’t all. He even gathered some like-minded hackers to take revenge on opposing parties.

Giving them a tight slap to their faces.

The other parties had to take an entire day to figure out how to undo the virus.

Because of this, ID 957 was somewhat renowned in the hacker world too.

Qiao Nian knew this person because Slim Waist Control was acquainted with him. Slim Waist Control admired the way he carried out his plans and had mentioned him several times.

He even mentioned the time he and some international hackers were involved in a cyberwar as they attacked each other’s systems with viruses.

He asked her time and again whether she could consider letting 957 join the Red Alliance.

But the Red Alliance was a league on its own. She had seen 957’s coding standard. It was good compared to the average hacker, perhaps even one to be revered.

But in the Red Alliance, this was nothing.

Just take this matter for instance. He was noticed right away when he tried hacking into her laptop. Although Zhou Hengfeng had reason to overlook her, his coding also was flawed.

There were too many loopholes!

But, why was Zhou Hengfeng looking for her IP address?

Qiao Nian placed her hand on her knee. She squinted, the suave look in her eyes flashing again. She couldn’t figure out why he was doing this.

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