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Chapter 369: How Is This IP Address So Similar to the IP Address From Master Wang’s Apartment

She was worried about this matter. The more she thought about it, the more upset she became. It was as if an ant were crawling on her body, making her entire body itch.

Jiang Xianrou stared at the continuously increasing number of views. She repeatedly gripped and released the mouse. Finally, she could no longer stand it and restlessly took out her cell phone. She flipped through the contact list and pulled up a phone number.

The call took a long time to get through.

Jiang Xianrou lowered her eyelashes and spoke softly to the man on the other end of the phone call. “Hello, Uncle Zhou, could you please help me find someone? Nothing happened, I’m just curious about someone’s identity. I sent you ‘his’ ID. He just uploaded a new song on the internet. If you start tracking now, you should be able to find the IP address. Thank you very much, Uncle. Sorry for troubling you.”

After hanging up the phone, she breathed a sigh of relief. The messy hair around her forehead covered her eyebrows. There was too much indignance and melancholy in her proud apricot eyes.

The Jiang Family was different from the other small families. They had some connections with the people in the underground society.

She had just contacted such a person. He may look like an ordinary person on the outside, but he was actually one of the best hackers in China.

His specialty was not as simple as playing computer games. He was known for his connections with the people in the Red Alliance.

All her family members respected this man, so much that she even had to call him uncle.

As long as it was not important, her father had warned her to not bother him. However, this time, she couldn’t help but want to find out Zhui Guang’s identity.

She contacted someone who her family did not even dare to call and gave him an unimportant IP address to track. It was a little careless and self-assertive of her. If her family found out, she would definitely be scolded.

Jiang Xianrou anxiously waited for the news, glancing at her cell phone from time to time.

After a long time, as if a hundred years had passed, her cell phone finally lit up and a new message popped up on her screen.

“Here we go.” She couldn’t wait to open her message. But once she saw Zhou Hengfeng’s message, she was stunned.

Her crimson lips trembled in disbelief. She read the address out loud. “Beijing, Rhine Road, Rhine Apartment?”

She knew this address. Ye Wangchuan had an apartment there. She went there with Jiang Li once to play.

Why did this apartment number look so much like Master Wang’s address?

It was surprising enough to know that Zhui Guang was in Beijing, but to think that he was even staying in Rhine Apartment… Everyone knew that the people staying there were all extraordinary people with impeccable backgrounds.

Jiang Xianrou was distracted. While she was lost in her thoughts, she received another piece of news.

[Zhou Hengfeng: I just made a mistake. It’s not Rhine Apartment number 1008. I searched and tracked the ID address you gave me once again. It should be Jinyue Apartment number 1, right next to the Rhine Apartment. I will resend you the IP address information.]

She then received a new IP address. As Zhou Hengfeng said, it wasn’t the Rhine Apartment, but a small area right next to it.

The houses in that area were not cheap.

Jinyue Apartment number 1 was also not cheap. Just that house alone would cost someone a price within the range of nine digits. But in Beijing, money was never a problem. It wasn’t scary to see someone with money, what was scary was the identity and power behind all that money.

When Jiang Xianrou saw the new address, she felt relieved. She let out a sigh of relief and her heart settled back in place. Even her expression looked better.

It was just as she thought, how could Zhui Guang be living in Rhine Apartment? Furthermore, the apartment number was so similar to Ye Wangchuan’s apartment number. It must have been a mistake!

Having said that, knowing that “he” was in Beijing, Zhui Guang might have been from Beijing originally. This alone gave Jiang Xianrou a bad feeling.

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