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Chapter 368: Refusing Qiao Nian for Zhui Guang

“A musician from the underground music industry is so influential?” Shen Jingyan wasn’t familiar with the music circle. He usually only focused on the things happening within the upper circle.

Wei Ling glanced at him angrily and rebuked. “Why would I lie to you? This man is really talented. He can even play the konghou. He seems to have some sort of relation with Master Nie. His temperament is also similar to Master Nie’s. He doesn’t like to appear in public, and until this day, he’s still shrouded in mystery.”

Shen Jingyan only focused on her sentence about Zhui Guang having a relation with Master Nie. The gears in his mind quickly moved and he said, “In that case, why don’t we ask ‘him’ out for a meal and see if ‘he’ really has a relation to Master Nie or not? If this is true, maybe we can use him to help influence Master Nie to our advantage. If he doesn’t have a relation to Master Nie, we can just take it as making a new friend.”

What he was suggesting sounded simple. But Wei Ling didn’t know how to tell him that it wasn’t easy for people to have a meeting with Zhui Guang.

Many of the second and third-generation people in the elite circle of Beijing liked Zhui Guang’s music. It was wild, and the young people loved it.

And the special thing about Zhui Guang was that he was mysterious.

Within the celebrity circles, many fair-skinned beauties were actually his fans. Every day, they thought about how to ask “him” out for a meal and to get to know him better.

However, until now, no one had succeeded in meeting Zhui Guang!

It could be seen how difficult it was to make an appointment with “him”.

Although she thought like that in her heart, she secretly also wanted to meet the young and talented Zhui Guang. She hardened her resolve, wiped the embarrassment from her face, and said, “I will try my best!”

It would be nice if Zhui Guang was actually someone they knew. With such a relationship, she would also not feel stressed about striking up a conversation with “him”.

Jiang Xianrou came out of the bath and saw the notification on her cell phone. Her face had a slightly heavy expression. She walked over to the computer and turned it on.

She casually entered Zhui Guang’s name into the computer.

The search returned a flood of news about Zhui Guang’s new song.

The Phoenix.

“Oh, he’s just putting on airs.”

She sneered, and her eyes flashed with disapproval and jealousy. But she couldn’t help but open the music platform where Zhui Guang’s song was located.

The other party was cool. His avatar was the side profile of an animated character, which gave a wild feeling.

There were no updates or news about what he was doing.

However, the number of fans following his account was amazing.

She also had an account on this music platform, which was dedicated to posting her own music. Now, her number of fans had already exceeded one million. Compared to other musicians, her account had many fans.

But the number of fans following Zhui Guang’s account was extraordinary.

It had long exceeded the ten million mark. And it wasn’t just ten million, but a full thirty million.

This was a music platform. It was mainly used to listen to songs. Many people were too lazy to even register for an account. It was said that almost everyone who had an account would also be following Zhui Guang’s account. This showed how popular Zhui Guang was.

She saw several familiar big names who were verified with a “V” following Zhui Guang’s account.

One of them belonged to her brother, Jiang Li.

As soon as Zhui Guang’s new song “The Phoenix” was released, her hopeless brother left an ecstatic fan message in the comments.

[Jiang Li V: Big boss, you finally released a new song!]

[Jiang Li V: The song is very nice! Why do I feel that the style this time is a lot more cheerful? Boss, are you in a good mood? Did something good happen?]

[Jiang Li V: The part with the konghou was so amazing this time. It’s presumptuous of me, but if I may ask, is there a drum part included in the song? I think I heard some chimes. Both chimes and the konghou in rock and roll? Wow! It’s truly the rise of the phoenix. You have completely seen through the hearts of people and brought us into a new state of the mind.]

Jiang Xianrou couldn’t help but grasp the mouse tightly while reading the comments.

Who exactly was this Zhui Guang!

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