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Chapter 365: Qiao Nian Was Zhui Guang?

She turned on her laptop.

It switched on instantly!

It logged onto her desktop after it was switched on.

There weren’t many programs on her desktop. Other than the ones that came with the laptop, there were just a few stock trading programs.

There was another uncommon program called Nuendo. It was normally used by people in the music industry. It was a program that could convert a recorded melody into a score.

Qiao Nian clicked on the stock trading programs to check on the various stock indices after she logged onto the desktop. She then sold off some of her holdings.

She closed the stock trading program. She didn’t need to pay attention to the indices all day like the professional stock traders.

After she sold off her stocks, she clicked on Nuendo.

There was a completed piece on the program already. Qiao Nian got up and picked up her earpiece from the pile of items on her bed. She plugged it in and put on her earpiece lazily. She leaned back, placed one hand on her thigh, and clicked on the play button.

Everyone who listened to Zhui Guang’s music would know.

Zhui Guang wasn’t a fan of classical music. “He” was a rocker.

He had a weird music style as well. He didn’t have the same composing method as the other composers.

Zhui Guang’s music was free-flowing and satisfying to listen to.

His music plucked at your heartstrings!

The sounds of the konghou were mixed with the electric keyboard. It was a combination of classical and rock music. It had a strong tempo which would cause the listeners to resonate with its beats.

“His” music had a reggae-punk style with the spontaneity of jazz. It was an individualistic, wild, and free-flowing style!

“His” music was composed of the different musical styles that weren’t commonly put together.

It was because of his unique style that Zhui Guang was treated like a god in the underground music scene. Every underground musician respected him.

If there was a rumor that Zhui Guang might join a music festival, the other musicians would rush to join it as well.

Even if the festival was canceled, they wouldn’t mind it at all.

This was because it was too hard to meet Zhui Guang.

Even though Zhui Guang was so popular, few people had seen him.

It wasn’t that Zhui Guang hadn’t shown his face before.

He would release a video for every song he created. You could see him in the video in the backlight.

However, Zhui Guang would always wear a cap. As he would usually be quite far away from the camera, you couldn’t get a good look at “his” face. Everyone could only confirm one thing—Zhui Guang was a guy.

“He” wasn’t old, either. He had a beautiful pair of hands with slender fingers.

As for why he was perceived as a guy even though no one had seen his face…

This was because everyone thought that a girl couldn’t have such a cool style of rock music. A girl couldn’t be so handsome as well.

Qiao Nian never looked at the netizens’ comments. She didn’t care about what the public thought her gender was. The reason why she created the account was that she was influenced by Nie Mi and wanted to promote traditional Chinese culture in her own way.

She supported her head with one hand as she closed her eyes. She placed her hands next to her body and made herself comfortable as she listened to the music she composed.

She started composing it half a year ago. She didn’t release it because she wasn’t satisfied with the ending.

She was suddenly reminded of this piece when Nie Mi looked for her and decided to finish it today as she had some time before she slept.

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