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Chapter 364: You Seem to Be Quite Free?

Silence ensued for a moment.

Qiao Nian was subconsciously reminded of the time when she misunderstood him for talking about being her boyfriend. She felt that Ye Wangchuan was doing it on purpose. He had been saying “friend” more frequently, but she didn’t know what he meant by that.

Gu San didn’t care about it, he was more concerned about the meal tomorrow. He asked, “Miss Qiao, are you available tomorrow?”

Qiao Nian calmed down and looked at him. She asked, “Tomorrow?”

Before Gu San could answer, she continued with a hoarse voice, “I’m quite busy tomorrow. I won’t be around in the day.” She was going to Beijing’s division of the Cheng Feng Corporation. Su Mo would be waiting for her.

She wouldn’t be around for the entire day? Gu San was shocked. Wasn’t this the first time Miss Qiao had come to Beijing, she couldn’t have known anyone here, right?

He felt that Qiao Nian was busier than him and Master Wang!

Qiao Nian was informing Ye Wangchuan as well. She removed her outerwear after she was done. It was unpleasantly sticky. She looked at Gu San with her dark eyes and said, “I’ve eaten dinner already. I’ll be taking a shower. You guys should rest early, too.”

She meant that she wouldn’t be leaving her room for the rest of the night.

Gu San couldn’t say what was on his mind. He could only watch as Qiao Nian walked past him and entered the first room. She closed the door after that.

Gu San’s expression was pitiful after being rejected. He walked back to Ye Wangchuan and asked puzzledly, “Master Wang, what do you think Miss Qiao is doing tomorrow? She’s not even going out with us. She’s so busy!”

Ye Wangchuan looked up with a nonchalant expression. He wasn’t surprised at all. It felt as though he had expected it already. He placed his hand on his laptop and gave him a deep look, saying, “I have something on tomorrow as well.”

“Huh? Master Wang, you have something on tomorrow as well?” Gu San was flabbergasted. He asked, “So, regarding Eldest Lady and Master Ye…”

Ye Wangchuan smiled. His nonchalant look was similar to Qiao Nian’s. He booted up his laptop again and said slowly, “You seem to be quite free, you can meet with them instead.”

Gu San was speechless.

Eldest Lady and Master Ye want you to bring your fiancé to meet the family. What business do I have there? Do you want me to have a staring contest with them?

After taking a bath, Qiao Nian wiped her hair as she stepped out of the bathroom.

Ye Wangchuan had arranged the room to be similar to her room in Rao City. The walls were white and the bedsheets were pink. It looked really cute. Even though it wasn’t her favorite monochrome color scheme, it felt like home.

Qiao Nian dried her hair and placed the towel on the bookshelf, then picked up her bag and unzipped it. She then poured out its contents.

A laptop.

An iPad.

A lighter.

A box of gum with some pens.

A revision book.

Nothing else.

Qiao Nian picked up the laptop.

It was black and did not look special at all. It wasn’t something that a girl would use.

However, if someone used it, like Wei Lou and Yuan Yongqin, they would know that even though the laptop looked like it was falling apart and there was nothing special about it, it was surprisingly light. Not only that, but the laptop was also really fast and there wasn’t any lag. It also had a great connection speed and would be perfect to play MMORPGs.

Qiao Nian placed her laptop on the study desk. She logged in and then sat on the chair.

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