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Chapter 366: Who Sent You a Message

She frowned after the music was over and made some adjustments. After that, she played it again.

It sounded better this time.

Qiao Nian’s eyes were half-closed. Her long and thick lashes hid the fierceness in her eyes. Her fingers tapped gently against the table along with the beat of the music.

After hearing it three more times, she logged onto her account and uploaded the song.

She paused for a while when she was prompted for a name. She keyed in two words and pressed “Enter”.


The upload speed was fast. Qiao Nian leaned against her chair as she checked on her phone.

Nie Mi sent her a message an hour ago asking if she had arrived home.

Qiao Nian replied to him.

She had received messages from Shen Qingqing as well. Yuan Yongqin also asked if she had found accommodation and sent Qiao Nian the locations of some properties in Beijing.

Qiao Nian didn’t reply to her messages after she scrolled through the locations that Yuan Yongqin sent.

As she was looking through the messages, she saw Shen Jingyan’s profile. Reminded of what she said in Rao City, she thought for a while and sent him a message.

[QN: Uncle Shen, I’m in Beijing. I told you that I would treat you to a meal previously. Do you have time the day after tomorrow?]

After she replied to the messages, she placed her phone on her desk. Her calves were getting numb from sitting too long, so she changed her sitting position by putting her leg down. She straightened her posture as she focused on her laptop again.

The song had finished uploading.

She wasn’t interested in checking the responses and closed the program. She then clicked on the Red Alliance software and logged on.

It was 5:00 AM overseas, so they should be asleep. The group was quiet, and no one was chatting.

But she received some private messages.

[Slim Waist Control: ??]

[Slim Waist Control: Boss, you haven’t replied to me. Are you in Rao City?]

[Guan Guan: Slim Waist Control told me that you are in Rao City? Is that true?]

A profile with the picture of a fox flashed.

[Daji Plays With You: Boss, why did you tell Slim Waist Control that you were in Rao City? You should have known that he would have told everyone. Even Guan Guan knows that you’re at Rao City now. I’m not sure who else he told. He’s such a busybody. Everyone’s trying to come to Rao City to look for you.]

Qiao Nian was speechless.

Just as she was thinking about how to reply, she saw the profile with a grey picture flashing.

Her face turned serious as she pouted. She tapped on that profile.

The profile didn’t have a name. Instead, there was only a bunch of numbers. It was mysterious.

Qiao Nian clicked on it.

The person sent her a message.

[I’ve heard that you treated a child’s leg?]

There was no other message.

Qiao Nian didn’t move as she stared at the message.

She finally reacted after some time. Her eyes were really dark because she was deep in thought, but there was a twinkle in them as well.

She didn’t reply to the message and deleted the conversation.

At the Shen Family’s home.

Shen Jingyan had just returned after sending off Qiao Weimin and the family. He noticed that this phone was ringing.

He picked it up and looked at it.

It was from Qiao Nian.

He frowned.

Wei Ling noticed that he was frowning at his phone and asked puzzledly, “Who sent you a message? Why do you look so upset?”

Qiao Chen poured tea for them as she waited for Wei Ling to rest so that she could get some feedback about her piano playing. She overheard their conversation and curiously looked over.

Walking back, there was a proud look on Shen Jingyan’s face as he spoke in annoyance, “Nian Nian.”

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