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Chapter 363: Master Ye Wanted to Have a Meal With Miss Qiao as Well

In the apartment, Gu San went back to the living room after ending the call with Ye Lan. He then said to Master Wang, who was focused on his work, “The eldest lady knows that Miss Qiao is in Beijing. She wants to meet Miss Qiao for a meal tomorrow. She booked a place at the Imperial Mansion and asked you to come along for the meal.”

Ye Wangchuan didn’t look up as he replied coldly, “Tell her I’m busy.”

Gu San started sweating profusely. He held onto his phone with a difficult look on his face and replied, “Master Wang, maybe you should tell Eldest Lady yourself. I don’t have the guts…”

The Ye family members were famous for their bad temper. Master Wang was the only one that looked well-tempered. Even though he was controlling his temper most of the time, he was at least able to appear easy-going on the outside.

But Ye Lan’s temper…

Gu San didn’t want to deal with it.

Reminded of something, he said, “Master Ye called as well. He wants to meet Miss Qiao tomorrow. There’s a high chance that Master Ye will also be attending the meal tomorrow.”

As Little Young Master liked Miss Qiao, the entire Ye family liked her as well.

He was initially worried that Master Ye wouldn’t like Miss Qiao, given his status. However, everything turned out opposite to what he expected. Miss Qiao became everyone’s darling, and they all wanted to meet her.

Gu San blinked and thought that it would be a great opportunity to meet the parents. Thus, he tried to convince Ye Wangchuan. “Eldest Lady will be there as well. It won’t be so awkward for Miss Qiao to meet Master Ye. Master Wang, you should ask if she’s available tomorrow. She should attend the meal with us. We mustn’t miss such a great opportunity.”

Ye Wangchuan had been investigating an overseas smuggling gang that had been quite active in the underworld. Similar but smaller smuggling gangs had been swallowed up violently, and there was a rumor about a King of the Night in the underworld.

It meant the King of the underworld!

The international police had found that the gang was connected with the Red Alliance.

They weren’t sure if the Red Alliance was a part of the smuggling operations. But it seemed that they knew each other.

Red Alliance…

He remembered that Qiao Nian was connected to it. When she collected the rare material, she showed that she knew the people in the Red Alliance.

Gu San continued to mumble next to him, “Master Wang, you haven’t asked for Miss Qiao’s opinion. What if she wants to meet…”

Annoyed, Ye Wangchuan held his forehead as he shut his laptop and looked at Gu San exhaustedly.


The door opened.

Speaking of the devil, Qiao Nian had returned.

Gu San went over to greet her. “Miss Qiao, you have returned?”

Qiao Nian was exhausted after chatting for the entire day and just wanted to take a shower. She acknowledged Gu San briefly and asked the guy on the sofa while holding onto her bag, “Where’s my room?”

“The first one inside,” Ye Wangchuan said as he looked up. His handsome face looked even better under the lights. His deep eyes were gentle like spring water. He said, “I’ve put on a new set of sheets for you. Your favorite clothes are in the closet and your pajamas are in the bathroom.”

Qiao Nian didn’t expect him to be so caring. She was shocked. She paused for a while before looking down, wanting to hide her feelings.

“Alright, thanks.”

Ye Wangchuan was pleased. He chuckled and replied casually, “We’re good friends, it’s normal for us to help each other.”

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