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Chapter 356: The Person Master Nie’s Meeting Is Qiao Nian

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Ye Wangchuan’s lips curled up. He picked up his cell phone and sent the location to her.

Qiao Nian received it and raised her cell phone to him, her eyes playfully suave as usual. “Received it. I’ll take a cab down tonight.”

Ye Wangchuan looked up. “Send your location to me, I’ll get Gu San to pick you up.”

Gu San snapped out of his daze and immediately said, “That’s right, Miss Qiao, just send me your location later. I’ll go over to pick you up. It’s troublesome to get a cab, especially in Beijing.”

Qiao Nian considered it for a moment and did not insist on her ways. “Mm.”

Nie Mi was in the teahouse next to the cafeteria, waiting for the person he hadn’t met in a long while.

After sitting there for about 10 minutes, a girl in a hoodie, jeans, and Converse sneakers came over with the service staff.

The girl was wearing a cap as well, and half her face was concealed, revealing only her jaw. From her side profile, one could see that her jawline fit a pretty face.

It had been a while, and Nie Mi was a little agitated to meet her. He almost stood up in excitement.

“A glass of plain water for me, thank you.” The girl’s voice was not sweet or tender. Rather, it was slightly hoarse.

But it was not too hoarse, either. It was a lower tone but felt soothing to the ears.

The service staff who led her here was a rather young girl. Hearing her cool voice, the waitress actually blushed. She quickly said, “Alright, please give me a moment.”

Then, she rushed off.

Qiao Nian had no idea that she had accidentally flirted with someone. She casually took a seat opposite the old man, and her wild and easygoing personality shone through. She greeted him easily.

“Old man, it’s been so long.”

If anyone from the musical field were here, they would be utterly shocked by her.

This was the revered Master Nie!

And she actually called him Old Man in such a casual tone. How disrespectful!

Not only did Nie Mi not take offense, but he even seemed moved by the way she addressed him. But he suppressed it and put on a solemn façade. After a quiet scoff, he said, “You still remember this old man here, huh. I thought you had forgotten me.”

He sounded so bitter.

Qiao Nian rubbed her temple for a bit and then picked her bag up. She unzipped it and took a bottle out, placing it before him. “I brought you a gift.”

Nie Mi held the bottle curiously. “What’s this?”

Qiao Nian did not tell him that this was medication from the black market. She only said vaguely, “A health supplement.”

“Health supplement?” Nie Mi looked at the bottle. There was no name or manufacturing date on the bottle, much less instructions for use and effectiveness. Why did it look so dubious?

“Where did you get this health supplement from?” He didn’t mention that this looked inedible. Actually, he was just afraid that Qiao Nian had been scammed.

Qiao Nian zipped up her bag after handing him the bottle and then tossed it aside. She said leisurely, “… From a friend. Don’t worry, the drug’s fine. Eat one a day, it’s good for you.”

Nie Mi did not suspect her. He just felt that he didn’t need any supplement. Hence, he passed it back to her. “Keep it for Su Huaiyuan instead. He’s weaker and needs this more. I don’t need this just yet.”

The price for this drug was skyrocketing outside. Qiao Nian had gotten lazy recently. From giving them three per month in the past to only one pill every three months now, all the wealthy and powerful institutions were fighting insanely over it.

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