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Chapter 357: Didn’t Know the Value of Qiao Nian’s Drugs

Previously, each pill was being sold at half a million. But now, money was not the problem anymore. The issue was that half a million wouldn’t even get them the item.

They needed to trade with something even more valuable than money!

Qiao Nian gave him one bottle at a go, containing more than ten pills. The value of this drug couldn’t even be measured in monetary terms.

But Nie Mi was treating it like an ordinary supplement, rejecting it as he wished.

However, Qiao Nian did not take it back. She simply said, “Old Master Su has some, too. I gave him another bottle.”

A hint of helplessness flashed in her dark eyes. She pursed her lips and then said, “It’s not easy to get this drug outside. I happen to just have a few more on hand. If you don’t want it now, you can just keep it with you first and take one when you feel unwell someday. It’s more effective than the medicine you get outside.”

“So miraculous?” Nie Mi picked up the bottle again. He could see pills in various colors inside. Some were shaped like grapes and others like apples, but they were roughly the same size. He looked at them curiously. “Are these vitamins?”

Ordinary vitamin pills looked somewhat like these, too. Those shaped like an orange were typically Vitamin C, while those shaped like a grape would be Vitamin E. These pills looked more like vitamins than medication.

Qiao Nian had one arm on the seat and her legs crossed diagonally to the side. Her eyes and lashes were kept down as she said casually, “Mm, you can treat them like vitamins too. They have about the same effect. They strengthen your body.”

“Oh.” Nie Mi just saw the pills as vitamins and did not think too much about them. He kept the bottle, but he was not too happy. “Actually, I really don’t need to start taking vitamins yet. I just did a full-body check-up a while ago. I’m in the pink of health.”

If Wei Lou was around to witness Master Nie’s reluctance, he’d surely be exclaiming at the side: Then give it to me!

But he wasn’t around.

Nobody told Master Nie the value of these pills, and he had no idea that the cost of just three of these unassuming pills could get him a courtyard.

Qiao Nian said, “It treats your illness if you’re ill, and acts as a prevention if you aren’t.

“If you won’t take it, you can let someone else have it. If you know someone who’s ill, just give them one pill. It can keep them alive for a while.”

“Vitamins have this effect, too?” Nie Mi was rather skeptical and just took it as a joke. A smile broke out on his serious face.

Qiao Nian was rather wild, and traces of confidence and playfulness could be seen in her eyes. “These ‘vitamins’ have this effect, indeed.”

Nie Mi couldn’t help but laugh. “You…”

Although he said that, he shook his head and accepted it to give her some face. He then said, “Alright, I’ll remember it. Your vitamins are a miracle pill. If I need it in an emergency, I’ll take them out to save someone.”

He was teasing her, but the girl sitting opposite him nodded in acknowledgment very seriously. She didn’t look like she was kidding.

He couldn’t help but laugh again.

“Excuse me, sorry to disturb you.” At this point, the waitress came over to serve the water. She glanced at Qiao Nian while blushing and said abashedly, “Uh… here is the water you asked for.”

Qiao Nian straightened up and received the glass of water. Her eyes met hers and she said, “Thank you.”

Her low voice seemed to brush across that girl’s ears.

“…Y-You’re welcome.” The waitress blushed like a huge red apple. Her hands shook and she almost knocked the glass over. She went pale with fright and was evidently flustered.

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