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Chapter 355: Random Hotel

In order to come back with Miss Qiao, Master Wang had kept saying that he happened to be “on the way” back to Beijing to do business!

On the way and purposely making way were completely two concepts.

It was impossible to say directly that Master Wang wanted to run after Miss Qiao.

How could they throw their pride away?

Gu San didn’t know what to do, but he heard Master Wang’s calm tone as he asked calmly, “Nian Nian, where do you plan to stay tonight?”

Every time Qiao Nian heard him call her name, she had the illusion of her ears getting pregnant. Her own name sounded so seductive in his mouth, probably because of his voice being so low and sultry. It sounded too sinful!

She inexplicably became annoyed again and picked up her bag. Standing there casually, she said in a rather hoarse voice, “Stay?

“I’m not sure. I’ll see how it goes. If nothing else, I’ll find a hotel near Qing University.”

Ye Wangchuan’s eyes were deep, and his eyebrows were wild. His white wrists were placed on the table, and the string of Buddhist beads on his wrists looked a little evil. He said slowly, “I’ve looked for a hotel near Qing University. They’re all booked by the students who came for the exam, so you might not be able to reserve a room for the time being.”

They were fully booked? Qiao Nian hadn’t thought about this before. She frowned, feeling a little annoyed. She didn’t remember whether any of her properties in Beijing was near Qing University.

When she was thinking about it, Ye Wangchuan lazily said, “My apartment happens to be near Qing University. It has four rooms, two bedrooms, a study room, and a home theater. Would you like to live with me temporarily?”

Gu San was stunned.

He never expected the topic to change so quickly.

A second ago, Miss Qiao had said she was going out alone to meet her friend.

But in the next second, Master Wang invited her to live together.

His efficiency was really impressive!

Qiao Nian hardly considered it. “No, I’ll find a random hotel.”

As soon as she finished speaking, Ye Wangchuan said leisurely, “Beijing is very busy in the morning. If you can’t stay in a hotel near Qing University, you’ll need to take a taxi to school. You need to get up an hour in advance every morning, sometimes even earlier…”

Qiao Nian frowned.

His voice was low and bewitching. “You’re only staying in Beijing for a few days. Since you can’t find a good hotel, it’s better to stay with me temporarily. We’re all friends, and you also saved Chen Chen before. Now that you’re in Beijing, it’s impossible for me to leave you with nowhere to live.”

Yes, it sounded like Master Wang really wanted to find Miss Qiao a place to live. With his status, a single word would vacate any room and hotel near Qing University.

Gu San thought so in his heart but didn’t say anything.

Qiao Nian was still hesitating.

In her own heart, she definitely didn’t want to live alone with Ye Wangchuan. Jiang Li and Chen Chen were in Rao City, but in Beijing…

She hesitated.

Gu San fanned the flames next to him. “Miss Qiao, why don’t you live with Master Wang? His apartment is large and has a separate room. We’re all familiar with one another, why bother looking for a hotel outside if you have a room at home?”

“I’m usually busy and will not necessarily be at home. Except for the aunt who comes to clean every day, staying with me is the same as staying in a hotel.”

Ye Wangchuan’s fingers curled up, and his hands were extremely beautiful, well-proportioned without a trace of excess fat. His slender fingers, his rounded and neat nails, were much more beautiful than those of the Internet celebrities who liked to show their hands on the Internet.

Qiao Nian wasn’t an indecisive person, and his words didn’t seem to have any hypocrisy.

After thinking about it for a while, she said, “Okay, send me the address. I’ll take a taxi by myself tonight.”

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