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Chapter 351: Niece Is Also Second Place

Since Qiao Nian wanted to come to Beijing to develop, and the Jiang family was considered a side power here, he could take her with him at that time.

It was just that she liked to eat more flavorful cuisine and was not interested in light Suzhou cuisine. Although the Imperial Mansion was good, the taste was too light, and she might not like it.

Tang Wanru thought she could settle him in one breath, but she ended up being rejected. Fortunately, Nie Mi had not rejected her fully. They still had a chance.

She had always been someone who believed in preemptive action. The opportunity was right before her eyes, so if she missed it, she was likely to lose it.

Since they were here and had yet to determine a date to dine together, they should at least speak out their purpose and seize the opportunity.

Seeing that Nie Mi was about to leave, she stood in his path and said with a smile, “Old Nie, it’s like this, we came here for one more thing.”

If it had been anyone else, with Nie Mi’s notoriously weird character, he might have stopped giving them face and left a long time ago.

However, their surnames were Jiang.

He swallowed his impatience, his bright eyes already showing his unhappiness. “What else is there? Quickly say your piece, I’m in a hurry.”

He had an appointment with that girl.

Time waited for no one. In case she left, he would have to find time again.

Tang Wanru glanced sideways at Jiang Xianrou, who took her mobile phone and walked over generously. “Grandpa Nie, I have a piece of music I want you to listen to and see if there’s anything that needs to be modified.”

This was the first method they had discussed before, which was to impress Old Nie with her talents first.

If it didn’t work, she would pull connections.

Jiang Xianrou had won first place with this piece, and she was full of confidence in her work.

Who knew that at this moment, someone would intervene and walk over. She interrupted them and said, “It’s such a coincidence, I also have a piece I want to let Old Nie help me with.”

Tang Wanru had waited for a long time for this opportunity but was suddenly cut off like this. Subconsciously frowning, she turned and saw that it was Wei Ling. Her face turned gloomy, and she suppressed her bubbling anger. “Xianrou has won first place in the Piano Association this year with this piece.”

She meant that any piece Wei Ling showed would be a disgrace.

Wei Ling smiled as if she hadn’t heard the thorn in her words. She turned and said to the old man in a Chinese tunic, “Hello, Old Nie. I’m Wei Ling, President of the Piano Association. That’s right, I have a niece who learns the piano too. She has written a piece before and has won second place. That piece is good, but some notes don’t fit in. I think the piece can get better, but my talents are limited, and there’s no way for me to help her modify it. If Old Nie has the time, can you just enjoy a meal with me, and listen to that piece for me?”

Hehe! Tang Wanru was about to laugh.

Her eyes sharpened, and she immediately said, “Second place? Why do I remember Xianrou telling me that the second place selected this year was suspected of plagiarism?”

Since Wei Ling dared to talk about it, she was ready to be criticized. As the president of the Piano Association, it wasn’t easy for her to smooth out the black spots. It was just a simple sentence, so she said rather light-heartedly, “Oh, that was a misunderstanding. My niece wrote that piece but asked someone to modify it at the time. Not much was changed. The follow-up was also the final correction made by my niece. Who knew that person would be jealous when the piece won the second prize and would run out to report it? Out of respect for music, my niece chose to give up the prize.”

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