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Chapter 352: Appointment

How could Tang Wanru not hear her forced quibbling?

But before she could speak, Wei Ling took the lead and said, “Old Nie, you’re also a composer. You should be aware of this situation where you have written a good piece and shared it with your friends. Sometimes it’s inevitable to accept the other party’s opinion and make changes on the notes, but the tune must still be the original.”

Rao City was far from Beijing, and only they knew how much the piece had been changed.

Qiao Nian… At the thought of this name, Wei Ling’s eyes flickered in regret.

She personally admired her, but she wasn’t disciplined and didn’t want to listen to the Shen Family. She didn’t even come to Beijing with them, or she might not count all the credit for the piece on Qiao Chen.

Society was like this, the strong preyed on the weak. Since Qiao Nian wasn’t willing to cling to the Shen Family, she must help her own people.

It was just that she was pretty surprised that Jiang Xianrou and Tang Wanru were also here. Didn’t they know that Qiao Chen’s second-place piece had something to do with Qiao Nian?

She narrowed her eyes and guessed.

It seemed the Jiang Family really didn’t plan to recognize Qiao Nian. Otherwise, Tang Wanru would know about this!

What a pity!

Compared with Tang Wanru, Wei Ling had the style of a strong woman. She did things simply and neatly and didn’t get muddled at all. She even asked for Nie Mi’s opinion as soon as she finished speaking.

“Old Nie, do you have time for a meal?”

Hearing that both of them were pressing him for an appointment, Nie Mi frowned, knowing what they were thinking. He said simply, “I have no plans to accept disciples, so don’t bother.”

When these words came out, not to mention Tang Wanru and Jiang Xianrou, even Wei Ling was shocked. A little embarrassed, she said sheepishly, “Old Nie, you’ve misunderstood.”

Before she finished speaking, Nie Mi said unceremoniously, “Just treat it as a misunderstanding, then. But if you’re asking me to accept disciples, you don’t have to. I’m not well-versed in piano. If you want to find someone to help you modify a piece for the piano, you should go to a pianist, not me.”

His words were a little blunt.

Tang Wanru, Wei Ling, and Jiang Xianrou were very embarrassed.

Tang Wanru said awkwardly, “Old Nie, you’ve really misunderstood. I just wanted to treat you to a meal and ask you to help Xianrou look at the piece…”

He had originally promised to find time to eat with them, but now he said, “I’ll see how it goes when the time comes, but I might not have time. If I don’t, I’ll go directly to the nursing home to see Weishang.”

Jiang Xianrou’s face paled.

If he went straight to Grandpa, she would have no chance at all.

She had already told Old Master that she wanted to pay apprenticeship to Old Nie, but his expression had been very cold and nonchalant. He had calmly told her that Master Nie would not accept her and that he was not willing to ask him for a favor, either.

As long as she could let Old Master come forward to ask for a favor, she wouldn’t have to run around currying favors with him.

She refused to give up. Her talents were outstanding, and she was top-notch among the wealthy in Beijing. She bit her tongue and said unwillingly, “Grandpa Nie, your piano skills are very impressive. I especially want you to help me…”

Nie Mi didn’t give her face. “I’m not good with the piano. I’ve already told you, find a professional pianist if you need help with your piece. I just know a little bit, and it’s not enough to help others.”

His phone rang when he finished speaking.

Jiang Xianrou watched as his expression eased, and he looked down at his phone to send a message, before saying hurriedly, “I’ve said my piece. I have matters to attend to, I’ll leave first.”

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