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Chapter 346: I Think I Saw Qiao Nian

“Master Nie may have already given up on finding someone to inherit his skills.” Just as she said this, she spotted a broad and firm back from the corner of her eye.

Jiang Xianrou’s eyes brightened.

Master Wang?

Didn’t Master Wang bring the Ye family’s child to Rao City to look for a doctor? Why did he suddenly appear in Beijing?

She was about to take a second look when she noticed that the tall man was holding something in his hands.

It looked like a black-colored school bag.

School bag?

Jiang Xianrou started to frown and wasn’t able to process what she saw.

Why would Master Wang be carrying a school bag?

She saw a thin and tall figure behind the man. She was looking down as if she was playing with a cell phone. She was wearing a baseball cap, so she couldn’t see the girl’s face clearly. Only her jawline could be seen from a distance.

Her skin was very fair.

Unbelievably fair.

The porcelain whiteness of her skin was like milk.

Many celebrities had good skin. Now, with such advanced science and technology, even people with naturally yellowish skin could go for a skin whitening treatment, let alone people who had naturally fairer skin. But for someone with skin as white as this girl, only one girl surfaced from her memory—Qiao Nian!

Half a year ago, her uncle suddenly found his daughter who had been lost for 18 years. His family returned to Rao City. She saw her, who was her cousin by name, in the Waterside Loft. She could only remember her cousin being that fair.

She was like a flawless suet jade.

Qiao Nian? Why would Qiao Nian be together with Master Wang?

Jiang Xianrou’s heart started to beat faster. She thought of the “secret” she was aware of since young and Qiao Nian’s true identity. Her heart felt as though it was set on fire.

“Mom, is Qiao Nian in Beijing?”

Tang Wanru didn’t see Qiao Nian. When she heard this question, she looked around but did not see anyone around them. She frowned, no longer looking so friendly, and said with disgust, “You probably mistook someone else for her. Why would she be here in Beijing?”

“But I saw someone from the back, and she looked like Qiao Nian.” Jiang Xianrou was sure the person she recognized was Qiao Nian. There were so many people with fair skin, but only Qiao Nian had that vigorous aura and skin that white.

Tang Wanru took back the apparent disgust in her eyes, straightened her clothes, and firmly said, “You must have seen wrongly! She’s a senior in high school. It’s not even the holidays. Instead of staying in Rao City and attending classes, what would she be doing here in Beijing?

“Even if she is, it’s impossible for the family to not be informed. Did you hear your grandfather or your dad bring up any news related to her coming to Beijing? It’s impossible for her to come here without informing anyone in the family.”

What she said was justified and made sense. Initially, Jiang Xianrou was sure she saw Qiao Nian. But after hearing what her mother had said, she became unsure.

“I may have made a mistake.”

However, the girl with her head lowered while playing with her cell phone and following behind Master Wang looked a lot like Qiao Nian. With Qiao Nian’s temperament and actions, it would be hard to recognize her wrongly.

Tang Wanru didn’t sense that her daughter was uneasy. She raised her hand, looked at her watch, and said, “Well, don’t think too much about this anymore. It doesn’t matter whether the girl you saw was Qiao Nian or not. Do you remember what I told you before? Qiao Nian is merely a small pebble who got picked up from a small place. But you’re the porcelain carefully raised by the Jiang Family. If you compare yourself to Qiao Nian, you’re just belittling yourself! Whether Qiao Nian is here or not has nothing to do with us. The most important thing now is the meeting with Master Nie. Do you understand?”

Seeing the impatient look on her mother’s elegant face, Jiang Xianrou didn’t dare to disobey her. She held her bag in her hands, nodded, and said, “Okay.”

“It’s good that you understand.” Tang Wanru lovingly tidied up her dress, combed her eyebrows, smiled, and said, “Let’s go in.”

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