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Chapter 341: Why Does It Sound Like Nian Nian?

Both men were over 1.80 meters in height. The man in the suit had nice facial features and a good posture, giving off a suave aura.

But the other man was the focus—at about 23, hardly any words could be used to describe his looks accurately. In any case, he looked better than even celebrities.

He was dressed rather casually and leisurely, and there was no brand visible on his outfit. Yet, given its workmanship and texture, it was obviously expensive.

Such a passenger would sway any attendant around them.

Moreover, the big boss had actually personally greeted him. Hence, as excited as they were, they couldn’t appear overly enthusiastic or unprofessional.

They had to keep it low-key.

The stewardess who spoke to him just now was blushing. She could barely hide her delight as she quietly said, “The man.”

The other stewardess looked at her with envy as her eyes lit up.

But it came crashing down the next moment. “Don’t think too much, he has a girlfriend. The girl fell asleep the moment she boarded the plane, I believe he’s getting the blanket for her.”

The crestfallen stewardess revealed a crying expression and tried to find some humor in it. “This is what someone else’s boyfriend is like. Well, art imitates life. True love and romance do exist, but we’re just not good enough for it! Yet another day of envy and heartache.”

“Exactly… that girl looks like she’s in college, not even an undergraduate yet. She’s already winning at life at such a young age, having the whole first-class cabin to herself. Meanwhile, we probably won’t be attached even at 30. Sigh…” She had already taken the blanket out and was smiling now. “Talk later, I’ll get this blanket delivered first.”

“Mm, I’m also preparing the drinks.”

Their voices weren’t loud.

But Qiao Weimin and Shen Qiongzhi were in the first row of the business class cabin and could hear the exchange.

Qiao Weimin hadn’t paid attention to their discussion initially, but as he listened on, something felt off. When the two stewardesses went to do their duties, he turned around with knitted brows. “Did you hear what they said? The first-class seats aren’t sold out. Someone just bought them. The person in the first-class cabin is with a college student, why does that sound like Nian Nian?”

Shen Qiongzhi wasn’t bothered about it. “She? You’re thinking too much. Didn’t they say that she’s accompanied? Qiao Nian was alone when we saw her just now. If she’d bought the entire cabin, why would there be others?”

“True.” Qiao Weimin recalled seeing Qiao Nian at the airport. She was alone with two pieces of luggage before her. They stood there for so long, and nobody even came close to her at that time. Evidently, she was going to Beijing alone.

He felt better thinking about that, but this matter was still at the back of his mind.

“Did you see her in the queue for the economy class?”

Shen Qiongzhi thought carefully and then shook her head. “I didn’t.”

She looked at Qiao Weimin’s strange expression and tried to convince him otherwise. “I think you’re too paranoid. It must be the trauma Qiao Nian left you. Do you really think anyone can buy all the tickets for the first-class seats as they wish? She’s just a girl, she doesn’t get to do that.”

“But…” He still felt that the two stewardesses were talking about Qiao Nian!

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