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Chapter 342: Arrived in Beijing!

Shen Qiongzhi cut him off. “No more buts! She’s just not that capable! It’s only possible if this was the Jiang Family! But we already checked it out, the Jiang Family has no intention of acknowledging her background. Her father has come to Rao City a few times to warn us not to make things difficult for her. He seemed rather protective of her.”

But the head of the Jiang Family, Old Master Jiang, never showed the intention of publicly declaring that they had found their long-lost descendant! Jiang Zongjin was just a university lecturer. The power and authority in the Jiang Family lay in the second family with Jiang Zongnan. Qiao Nian’s return to the family meant nothing to Old Master Jiang at all. Why would they buy the entire first-class seats for her!

“Is that so?” Qiao Weimin couldn’t tell what was wrong about her statement, but it just felt odd.

If the Jiang Family really didn’t care about Qiao Nian, they wouldn’t have looked for her. It’d be even stranger if she “meant nothing” to them after being found.

Shen Qiongzhi was extremely confident. “It has got to be like this. Otherwise, the Jiang Family would have taken her back in, rather than leaving her in Rao City! Look at Chen Chen, her results have improved since she went to Beijing. The people she meets there are just so different. When she goes to Qing University in the future…”

She didn’t complete her sentence, but she was thinking about it.

When Qiao Chen entered Qing University, Qiao Nian wouldn’t be important anymore. They would be from two different worlds!

Qiao Nian slept very soundly.

She rarely slept this soundly when she was outside. But smelling the man’s cologne, she slept for the entire flight.

When she woke up, it seemed like everyone had long alighted.

Qiao Nian sat up, causing the blanket over her to slip to the ground. Her temple was pounding, and it took her a long time to become fully conscious.

The air-conditioning on the plane was so strong, it made her head hurt more.

“Miss Qiao, you’re up?” Gu San happily came forward when he saw that she had woken up.

Qiao Nian pressed on her scalp firmly, her voice low. “What time is it now?”

The window covers were all down and she couldn’t see the sky outside. She just knew that they were already grounded.

She felt that she had slept for a long time.

She hadn’t had dreams in a long time. But just now, she actually dreamt of her childhood.

Qiao Nian dreamt of the bloody smell in her sleep. She still felt a heavy burden in her heart, making her uncomfortable.

Gu San checked the time on his cell phone. “It’s still early. Just 3:00 PM.”

“Three?” Qiao Nian furrowed her brows. She looked rather pale. “I slept for five hours?”

They had taken off at half-past ten, and she had fallen asleep soon after. It was three in the afternoon now; about five hours had passed.

Gu San nodded and said quietly, “Yeah. You slept very soundly and didn’t wake up for the meal, either. Master Wang said you’ve been very tired recently and didn’t want to wake you up.”

Qiao Nian didn’t feel her hunger until he brought it up. Now, she felt some discomfort in her stomach.

It didn’t hurt, but it felt a bit awful.

At this point, a glass of water was held before her. The fingers around the glass were long and slender, the fingernails so nicely trimmed, almost a work of art.

She heard Ye Wangchuan’s voice before she even looked up. “Have some warm water first. We’ll get something to eat once we get off.”


Qiao Nian’s eyes were a little foggy. She took the glass and sipped the warm water, which warmed her throat and stomach comfortably.

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