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Chapter 340: Sister Nian Is Sitting In the First-Class Cabin

Ye Wangchuan didn’t need to undergo the airport security screening. Following the airport staff, he directly boarded the plane via a special aisle.

They were sitting in the first-class cabin.

They were the first passengers to board the plane. No one had boarded the plane yet.

Qiao Nian found her seat, immediately sat down, and went to sleep.

Gu San was considerate. Seeing that she was so tired that she fell asleep immediately after closing her eyes, he quietly said to the influential man, “Young master, I’ll sit at the back.”

Ye Wangchuan seldom saw Qiao Nian so tired. She was usually on guard and rarely fell asleep in public. His full attention on her, he casually answered him, “Okay.” Raising his eyebrows, he asked the attendant beside them, “Could I trouble you to bring me a blanket?”

His appearance was too eye-catching. It wasn’t the kind of eye-catching that people typically noticed in celebrities on the screen, but the stunningly handsome kind of eye-catching. His deep eyes merely glanced at the stewardess, but she still blushed, answered stiffly, and ran away fast.

Gu San knew that Ye Wangchuan had booked all the seats in the first-class cabin. He casually picked a seat in the last row. He took out his cell phone and sent a message to Old Master Ye, informing him that they had already boarded the plane.

After sending the message, he remembered that Ye Qichen had requested something from him before he left. He secretly pointed the camera at the front row and took a blurry photo. He sent it, accompanied by a text. [Young Master, it’s not that I’m unwilling to take a photo of Miss Qiao for you. It’s just that Miss Qiao has already fallen asleep. I’ll send it to you when we arrive.]

After the message was successfully delivered, he switched his cell phone to flight mode. He leaned back in his seat, closed his eyes, and began to rest.

The flight would take four hours. It would be hard to just sit there with no one to talk to. Therefore, it was better to just take a nap.

The blankets were placed in the closet of the business class cabin. Once all the passengers had boarded, the plane started to take off.

Once the plane was flying steadily at an altitude of over ten thousand feet, the attendant began to look for the blanket Ye Wangchuan had requested before.

The first-class cabin and the business class cabin were very close to each other. However, there was a curtain between them, separating the aircraft into two different worlds.

Ye Wangchuan didn’t use the Ye family’s private plane this time. He had booked tickets for the China Northern Airlines. This airline flew routes from all over the country to Beijing.

The stewardesses regularly met first-class guests, stars, and celebrities. They thought they had grown used to the excitement and would no longer be overly excited about the first-class guests.

However, this time, she couldn’t control her excitement. While the other stewardesses were distributing refreshments to the rest of the passengers, the two stewardesses in charge of the first-class chatted, one holding a drink and the other holding the blanket.

“The guests inside want blankets?” The stewardess holding the drink failed to snatch the chance to serve the guests exclusively. She looked at her own colleague blush, as though she was still in her youth and innocently thinking of love. She couldn’t hold back and asked, “Was it the man or the woman who requested the blanket?”

No wonder she was curious. A few days ago, their boss had briefed them and told them that the guests boarding today were very important. He wanted them to perform well and not offend the important guests.

Initially, they all thought the one boarding would be an old man. How else would the guests have so much wealth and enough connections to make their boss come down and specifically instruct them to pay special attention to them?

Only after the guests boarded the plane did they realize how wrong they were.

The guest wasn’t an old man but was instead very young.

Two men and one woman.

The girl was wearing a cap, and her face couldn’t be seen clearly. She looked young, and it was possible she was even younger than the man.

She seemed to be at most eighteen.

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