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Chapter 334: Rao City’s Talent

The female high school student from Rao City had a familiar name.

But it wasn’t Qiao Chen, it was Qiao Nian.

It was said that her grades were good, her appearance was beautiful, and her family was prestigious in Rao City. His proud student had even called specifically to ask him for help.

Qiao Nian, Qiao Chen… Their names were only one word different, and for an instant, he thought he had heard it wrong. Gu Qinan wasn’t talking about Qiao Chen, but Qiao Nian.

But it made sense. Qiao Chen was an art student, how could the Medical Faculty want to poach her?

His alert eyes flashed, and he couldn’t help but notice the name of the place—Rao City!

This city wasn’t well-known among the major cities in the country. It was a small city that was more of Tier 3 than Tier 2. He had visited Rao City once while doing academic research a few years ago. The place was as big as a palm, the subway was only one line, and it only took two hours to travel from the south to the north… The place wasn’t big, and there weren’t many good schools, just a local First High School that was considered pretty good and would have a top scorer every two years.

Rao City was only so big, and their city top scorers could only be so impressive. If their results were compared with the national level, it could only be considered top-notch and not the finest.

It was considered having many talents this year in such a small city.

Forget about already having Qiao Chen.

But there was another student whom even a proud person like Liang Lu wanted to poach…

Qiao Nian?

Cheng Wu repeated her name silently in his heart and made up his mind to pay more attention to her during the interview. He wanted to see what the student who rejected Liang Lu looked like.

The principal on the stage had finished speaking, and each department began to speak.

This conference before the independent admissions examination was nothing more than deciding which departments would participate in this year. As Qing University’s ace major, how could their Finance Faculty miss out on any opportunity to grab students?

The Finance Faculty would definitely participate, so Cheng Wu waited boringly for people from other departments to discuss.

Normally, the Finance and Medical faculties recruited many people, and there was no need to worry about these major faculties, so they rarely spoke at the meeting.

But today, Liang Lu seemed to have taken the wrong medicine, and she suddenly fired at the Chinese Medicine Faculty. “Oh, I don’t care about other departments, I just want to ask, isn’t the Chinese Medicine Faculty participating in this year’s independent enrollment?”

The Medical Faculty had always been divided into two factions: Western Medicine and Chinese Medicine. Chinese Medicine had declined in recent years and had changed from three departments to one. On the other hand, Western Medicine had gradually grown, and elites would join in every year. Although both factions belonged to the Medical Faculty, they were actually pitting against each other!

Originally, everyone minded their own business. The Chinese Medicine Faculty also knew that they had declined and performed worse than the Western Medicine Faculty in the past few years. Normally, both teachers and students of their faculty were very low-key, not getting in the way or causing trouble. Who knew Liang Lu would suddenly name them today?

The faces of several teachers in the Chinese Medicine Faculty turned dark upon being maliciously provoked by Liang Lu. They couldn’t bear it and asked, “Professor Liang, what do you mean?”

Liang Lu gave a light “tut”, folded her arms, raised her shrewd eyes without giving face, and said concisely, “It’s nothing much, but I don’t think it would be good for the Chinese Medicine Faculty to not participate in the independent admissions examination every year. In case some students want to join your faculty, won’t they be making a wasted trip?”

Who didn’t know that the admission of the Chinese Medicine Faculty was bleaker every passing year? If it weren’t for Qing University, a century-old school, their faculty would have already been withdrawn!

Talking about the enrollment now, she was undoubtedly stepping on the heads of the Chinese Medicine Faculty in public and slapping their faces.

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