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Chapter 333: Heard a Familiar Name

This year, Nanjing University was also selected as a top-ranking university in China.

Its popularity among students was almost equal to that of Qing University.

It was rumored that many students had applied for Nanjing University this year, and people from Qing University were now extremely nervous and concerned about the independent enrollment. All majors wanted to choose one or two outstanding students in this exam.

Since all professional teachers and schools attached great importance to this independent admissions examination, they must have a meeting to discuss this issue before the examination.

This was the meeting Cheng Wu was attending.

The Finance Faculty was one of Qing University’s ace majors, and he was the head of the faculty. His achievements in the financial field were not small, and the students he led were above average. For example, his student Fu Ge, whose small team had won a small international award. Although the award wasn’t big, it gave them a good reputation.

Everyone at Qing University knew that the Finance Faculty was thriving in his hands, and it faintly surpassed the Medical Faculty to become Qing University’s ace.

Since it was a big conference, professors and associate professors from all majors would participate this time.

As soon as he entered, he saw Liang Lu wearing a smoky-grey suit, sitting in the uppermost position on the left side of the conference table.

Her whole body exuded an arrogant and aloof aura, making other people afraid to sit next to her.

Cheng Wu was long used to her appearance. Everyone was an expert in their respective fields. He smiled, walked over, pulled the chair beside her, and sat down. “Professor Liang, are there any promising students this year?” he greeted and asked.

“I heard that you have long been fond of a student with excellent qualifications, and you ran to Rao City specifically for her. How was it? Has she accepted you?”

He was only asking casually. How many students would reject people of their status when they had already gone personally to recruit them?

To put it bluntly, whoever they fancied had Lady Luck shining on them.

Who would throw away such good luck?

However, he didn’t expect Liang Lu’s face to suddenly become darker. She grasped the tip of the pen and pursed her lips. “Hehe, Professor Cheng is very idle. You’re still in the mood to take care of other faculties?”

Stunned, Cheng Wu was clueless to her reaction. A teacher sitting next to him, who was also a teacher of the Medical Faculty, said in a low voice, “Professor Cheng, you shouldn’t ask Professor Liang this question. That student…”

Gu Qinan couldn’t help but think of the girl’s untamed appearance, and for a while, he didn’t know how to say it.

Cheng Wu was rather curious. “What happened to that student?”

Gu Qinan touched the tip of his nose and said awkwardly, “The student refused Professor Liang’s invitation, saying that she doesn’t want to study clinical medicine and wants to join another faculty.”

Cheng Wu didn’t pay attention to the second half of his sentence, having already shown a surprised expression when he heard the first half. “You said that the girl rejected Professor Liang?”

The Clinical Faculty of Qing University had firmly pressed over the heads of their Finance Faculty over the years. Liang Lu had gained fame over the past 10 years and had become the signature of the former.

And a student had rejected her?!

Very curious now, he asked, “What’s the name of this student? Will she also come to participate in this year’s independent enrollment?”

“I’m not sure if she’ll come… As for her name… it sounds pretty good. It’s a girl who’s studying in Rao City’s First High School, and her name is… Qiao Nian.”

Cheng Wu was stunned as soon as he heard this.

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