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Chapter 335: Stepping on the Chinese Medicine Faculty

People in the Chinese Medicine Faculty didn’t look good.

Liang Lu looked at their aggrieved faces and finally felt better. She held the pen again and said with an indifferent face, “I advise you to participate this year. If there’s a good seedling who can’t think straight, your faculty would have an extra talent.

“Ah, I remember that you only accepted three students last year, right?

“This year will be better. In case you receive one for the independent enrollment, you can accept a few more for the college entrance examination. At least it’ll be better than last year.”

Her words were too overboard.

None of the Qing University teachers present said anything.

They were put on the spot. The people inside the Medical Faculty were arguing, and outsiders like themselves couldn’t intervene.

After hearing such harsh words, the faces of the Chinese Medicine Faculty were unprecedentedly ugly. Han Feng, the head of the faculty, couldn’t help it and stood up to look at her. He said solemnly, “Professional Liang, are you so sure that we won’t be able to receive a student this year?”

Liang Lu was being ridiculous. The Medical Faculty was an ace faculty, but the trump card was their Western Medicine. What did it have to do with the Chinese Medicine Faculty?

Only a fool would give up Western Medicine and choose the arduous and thankless Chinese Medicine.

She smiled gracefully and slowly changed her sitting posture. “Don’t misunderstand me. I mean that the Chinese Medicine Faculty hasn’t participated in the voluntary enrollment year after year and should participate once this year. Otherwise, people outside will misunderstand and exclude you.”

Silence ensued for a moment.

The moment she said this, the faces of the Chinese Medicine Faculty teachers became even uglier.

Everyone in the Medical Faculty knew that the Chinese Medicine Faculty had also participated in independent enrollment before, but no matter how excellent the conditions they offered, students hadn’t been willing to choose their faculty. As time passed, Mr. Huang also stopped coming. Without him, no one was interested. Even the worst students would rather take the college entrance examination than join their faculty, so the faculty stopped participating in the independent enrollment…

This would probably be the case this year!

But Liang Lu had blatantly stepped on the Chinese Medicine Faculty and even said it so directly. Could they say that they didn’t want to participate?

But if they did… they would be slapped in the face if no students joined.

Of course, the head of the Chinese Medicine Faculty knew of this situation. He clenched his fist and looked coldly at her, then suddenly turned his head to look at the principal. “Principal, our faculty also wants to participate in this year’s independent enrollment.”

“Director…” Several teachers of the Chinese Medicine Faculty were startled and called him subconsciously.

But when they thought about it, they would be laughed at if they didn’t participate. What if someone really chose them now that they were participating?

Thinking about this, several teachers looked at each other and shut up.

But they were unwilling and desolate, unable to find a place to vent!

Traditional Chinese Medicine was clearly the quintessence of the country, but as time progressed, fewer and fewer children liked and believed in it.

The quintessence of the country had since become a scam.

It was ridiculous that the medical skills that came in from the West had become the essence!

Faced with the status quo, they couldn’t find any way to change except for their inner resentment.

Good students were unwilling to learn Chinese Medicine, and the Chinese Medicine Faculty couldn’t receive good seedlings, so they had no one to impart their knowledge to.

Every year, those children who wanted to attend Qing University but failed to pass other departments could only reluctantly come to the Chinese Medicine Faculty with a mixed diploma.

Even if they were willing to teach, those children couldn’t endure hardship and didn’t want to learn!

“Principal, this year our Chinese Medicine Faculty will join the independent admissions examination!”

For the dignity of the faculty, even if they knew that they would be the laughing stock of the whole school for joining this year, the head of the faculty still pressed his luck. He gritted his teeth and said every word loudly and powerfully!

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