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Chapter 332: Made a Choice

After hanging up the phone, Fu Ge couldn’t recover for a long while.

Chen Yuan’s words were still vivid in his mind.

He said Qiao Chen wouldn’t possibly tell him that Qiao Nian had been recommended a place in Qing University because she despised her.

He also said that Qiao Chen was not as simple and kind as he imagined.

At that time, he genuinely thought that Chen Yuan and Qiao Nian had a good relationship, which was why they were hostile to Qiao Chen, and deliberately slandered her.

But at this moment… his eyes were full of confusion as he held the cell phone, staring at the number that had been hung up. He wanted to call her and ask her again.

But he felt like they would fight again if he did, as it might become a questioning instead of careful asking.

As a boyfriend, he should trust his girlfriend unconditionally, not to mention it was the first time she had invested stuff in him!

Thinking of what Qiao Chen had done for him, the confusion in his eyes disappeared. He took a deep breath and drained the contents of the glass cup on the table in one gulp.

The spirits entered his throat, finally suppressing all the mixed thoughts in his heart.

He looked at the phone again, his handsome face showing a thoughtful look. After hesitating, he dialed the number of his tutor.


The phone was picked up immediately.

Fu Ge got up and walked to the balcony. He put a hand on the edge of the balcony and slowly spoke to the person on the other side of the phone, “Mr. Cheng, I want to ask you something…”

He explained Qiao Chen’s situation again and finally said softly, “I remember that you were one of the teachers for this independent admissions interview. I want to ask you to help me take care of my girlfriend. Thank you very much.”

“… OK. Qiao Chen, right?”

“She can do it with her own grades, you don’t need to help me with anything else. I just hope you can take care of her more in the interview. I’m afraid she’ll be nervous…”

Everyone was an adult, so they knew well in their hearts if he was afraid she would be nervous, or if he wanted extra care for her.

Some things just couldn’t be said so bluntly.

Fu Ge hung up and let out a long breath, the expression on his handsome face becoming determined.

In any case, Qiao Chen was his girlfriend. He had already chosen her, so there was no possibility of going back!

Not to mention Ye Wangchuan was with Qiao Nian.

He couldn’t afford to provoke the Ye family, either.

Since it could only be a hostile relationship, he must believe in his girlfriend, rather than a group of outsiders!

Qiao Chen was much better than Qiao Nian in terms of her usual grades and character. His mother always wanted him to please both ends.

After this time, he understood that between Qiao Chen and Qiao Nian, they could only choose one.

If Qiao Nian didn’t accept the recommendation, it would be impossible for her to be admitted to Qing University.

Just like what Chen Chen said, no matter how good Qiao Nian was, she was too willful. She was only recommended a spot in Qing University because of her willfulness and was participating in the independent enrollment to indulge in her fantasy. Tomorrow, she might do something else because of her willfulness.

Compared to this, he would choose Chen Chen.

On the other side, outside Qing University’s conference room, a man in a striped undershirt finished answering the call. His brows were slightly twisted, the expression on his face didn’t look good, and he looked to be put on the spot.

A passing teacher saw him and greeted him with a smile, “Professor Cheng, the meeting is about to begin. Aren’t you heading in?”

Cheng Wu put away his phone, took a breath, and temporarily put aside what his proud student had just asked. He followed the man with a slight smile. “I’m going in now.”

The independent enrollment was an annual event of major colleges and universities.

As the only exam for colleges and universities to independently select students before the college entrance examination, although each school had a limited number of places, it was a good opportunity to grab outstanding students in advance.

Qing University, as the leading university in China, was naturally one of the popular schools chosen by many students. They weren’t worried about not having students taking the exam. What they worried about was that the students selected from the independent enrollment every year looked good, but after entering the school, they only performed so-so.

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