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Chapter 331: Qiao Nian Isn’t Afraid of Not Getting the Recommendation

Concerned, she pretended not to care and asked in a low voice, “By the way, Brother Fu, are you sure Qiao Nian received a recommendation to attend Qing University? It’s a bit difficult based on her grades.”

Qiao Nian’s grades were mediocre.

At the very least, before she transferred into Rao City First High School, her grades were probably just enough to help her graduate from high school.

When she first got the Ren Yi recommendation, her family had some connections. Her grades were also good and she had won several piano awards before. Even so, she still needed Tang Wei’s recommendation before she met the requirements to get the Ren Yi recommendation.

Qiao Nian just scored extraordinarily well in the last exam and came in first place in the whole school. With her bad record, why was she even noticed by Qing University?!

It was Liang Lu!

She had the same thoughts as Fu Ge.

She couldn’t believe this was true.

Fu Ge was already in the worst mood and he felt like he had been slapped. Furthermore, he had to hear her try to test him with that gentle tone. Not in the mood to answer her, he spoke irritatedly. “I don’t know. Anyway, she’ll participate in the independent enrollment examination this time.”

That also meant that she did not get the recommendation!

Qiao Chen let out a sigh of relief and said, “The independent enrollment examination is difficult. In fact, it’d have been better if she had accepted the recommendation. After all, her grades are not so good.”

In the past, she only stayed in Rao City, which was considered very small, and the most outstanding school she could attend was Rao City First High School. Only after she came to Beijing did she understand the saying: “There’s always someone better than you.”

She had been studying very hard in the past month. Now she could get at least 580 marks in her culture class. With a score like this, she would be able to be at least within the top 10 highest scores in Rao City.

However, it was only considered average in Beijing.

However, in the arts program, a score of 580 was considered very high. In addition to that, she was also talented. She was 80% confident that she would be accepted into Qing University through the independent enrollment this time.

The other 20% was due to her uncertainty as some unexpected students could outperform her.

“I heard that a lot of people will be participating in this independent enrollment examination. In the face of so many top students, First High School is nothing out of the ordinary. I think that Qiao Nian is too willful.”

Ever since she was confronted and exposed by everyone, she was too embarrassed to call her “sister” anymore.

It was too fake.

After the huge fight that day, if she ever called her “sister” again, nobody would think she was sincere, and neither would she.

Since the fight, Qiao Chen also understood that Qiao Nian and her were never meant to walk on the same path. Since both of them couldn’t work well together, they should just rely on their own individual merits and see who could achieve more.

Since Qiao Nian stupidly refused Qing University’s recommendation, she had no reason to be afraid now.

After all, she was getting extra tuition in Beijing while Qiao Nian was stuck in the small Rao City. How good could she have gotten?

So, she did not take Qiao Nian to heart anymore. Instead, she smiled and coquettishly spoke into her cell phone. “Brother Fu, will you be coming to Beijing on the day of the independent enrollment examinations?”

Hearing her voice, Fu Ge felt very complicated. Even the wine he just drank could not give him the same feeling. He said, “Yes, I’ll be coming back.

“I’m a school volunteer. I’ll be in charge of reception at school that day.”

“Really? Excellent! I’ll go to school early. Hope I can get to see you.”

The girl’s voice on the other side of the cell phone was gentle, sweet, and so full of joy. He was supposed to feel satisfied when he heard it, but Fu Ge did not feel any sort of satisfaction now, only disappointment.

After giving a simple reply, he heard someone calling for her. Fu Ge then heard Qiao Chen say joyfully, “See you on the examination day.”

With that, she hurriedly hung up the call.

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