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Chapter 326: Humiliation (2)

“If Sister Nian can’t get into Qing University, does she think she can!”

The last sentence was a slap to his face.

Fu Ge’s face went pale. Usually, if Chen Yuan mocked him this way, he would definitely take his revenge.

But he really hadn’t expected Qiao Nian to be approached by Qing University. They were even saving a spot for her.

And the person who came for her was none other than Liang Lu!

Liang Lu!

The expert whom even his mentor respected and feared!

Fu Ge inhaled sharply, his expression almost convoluted. “You said she has a spot reserved in Qing University. In that case, why is she even participating in the independent enrollment?”

Since Professor Liang Lu had already come to look for her, Qiao Nian could very well not participate in it.

Qiao Nian was shocked at first when she found out that Ye Wangchuan knew about her reserved spot in Qing University. She’d never told him about it; even Jiang Li had no idea.

It wasn’t just that Ye Wangchuan knew about it. He even talked about the day as if he had been there.

Who in school was his informant?

Someone appeared in Qiao Nian’s mind—Principal Yu.

She was still thinking about it when she heard Fu Ge’s interrogation. The way his eyes were full of cheekiness was amusing. “Can’t I go for fun?”

Fu Ge’s expression darkened.

She actually took Qing University as a place “for fun”. In that case, what did she take him—a Qing University elite student—for?

He had always considered making it into Qing University his pride, as he was the only person in Rao City’s high society who enrolled there with his results. Everybody else either went abroad or paid to enter an elite university.

He thought that he was the creme de la creme of people his age, the best of the best.

But today the person he’d looked down on this whole time was telling him that what he had been so proud of was actually not worth anything at all!

This was more painful than a slap.

She was practically trampling all over his dignity!

A veil masked Fu Ge’s eyes thinly and coldly. He quickly and urgently said, “I’ll ask Chen Chen when I get back.”

He still didn’t believe that Liang Lu would have her eyes on Qiao Nian.

With her grades, there was no way Liang Lu would have her eyes on Qiao Nian, much less reserve a spot in Qing University for her.

Ye Wangchuan’s gang must be lying to her.

“Suits you.” Before Qiao Nian responded, Chen Yuan was already folding his arms across his chest coldly and saying, “It’s futile. I doubt Qiao Chen will tell you the truth. How could she possibly admit that Sister Nian is better than her?”

Fu Ge wasn’t even thinking about this anymore. His whole mind was occupied with the fact that Liang Lu had her eyes on Qiao Nian. He took a deep breath and stuffed the exercise book into Qiao Nian’s hand. His expression hardened as he said, “Chen Chen isn’t the kind of person you made her out to be!”

“Then, what kind of person is she? Sweet and kind? Pure and innocent? Or the school belle with outstanding results?” Chen Yuan didn’t care to be kind. “Young Master Fu, let me advise you not to assume that you really understand Qiao Chen. If she really was who you thought she was, she wouldn’t have submitted Sister Nian’s composition for a prize.”

“Qiao Nian edited the composition for her!” Fu Ge tried to defend his stance. “It was her work originally.”

Chen Yuan smiled. “Sure. I’m the fool, then. Everyone says that we can’t wake someone who’s pretending to be asleep. You’re the sort who’s already in a coma! If you think Qiao Chen doesn’t have a problem, then so be it. Even if it was Qiao Chen’s work originally, Sister Nian contributed too. Then, this should be considered a combined effort. Why did she receive the award as if it was all her effort?”

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