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Chapter 325: Humiliation (1)

The issue was that the cut-off score for Qing University was about 560.

The Finance and Medicine faculties were the most prestigious ones, and the cut-off score was up to 600 points.

If one felt that scoring 90 points was not difficult, could they necessarily say that about scoring 98 points?

Although he was the top scorer in Rao City’s science department, there was always someone better that he had not encountered yet. Among the candidates trying out for Qing University, his score was just above average. Part of the reason he could get into the Finance faculty was his family background, too.

He wouldn’t even have a chance at the Medical Faculty, which was better than the Finance Faculty.

Not to mention the Clinical Department taught by Liang Lu.

He had no idea why Ye Wangchuan brought it up all of a sudden.

Ye Wangchuan told him right away!

“The person who you said was inferior to Qiao Chen in every way, who would not be able to enter Qing University and who would only disgrace herself, was the reason Liang Lu came to First High School in Rao City.”

“… You mean Professor Liang was here for Qiao Nian?” Fu Ge suspected that he’d heard wrongly. He turned towards the suave-looking girl in shock and even speaking became arduous. Every syllable was forced out of his throat painfully. “Impossible.”

Liang Lu came to First High School for Qiao Nian?!

How could this be!

Qiao Nian’s results were not extremely good, and there was a possibility that she had cheated to get into Class A.

For a high-level expert like Liang Lu, how could she be drawn to Qiao Nian!

Even Chen Chen… only got a second glance from Ren Yi because of Tang Wei.

Qing University was not Ren Yi. Qing University was the school that everybody hoped to enter, although most could only be left dreaming.

Ye Wangchuan’s eyes went a little cold and murderous when he heard Fu Ge say the word “impossible”. His eyes were deep with annoyance even though his expression was casual as usual. There was a tinge of cynicism in his classy demeanor as if nothing could get past his eyes.

“Whether that’s possible or not, you can just ask your girlfriend that. Why, has Qiao Chen never told you before?

“The day Qiao Nian was getting poached by Qing University, Qiao Weimin and Qiao Chen were both in the office, settling her transfer procedures…”

One was being eyed on by Qing University, and the top expert in the country had flown over to look for her!

The other was secretly settling her transfer!

The contrast was so stark.

And he was still talking about how Qiao Nian was inferior to Qiao Chen in every way, and that Qiao Chen would make it to Qing University!

The more sure Fu Ge was just now, the more he would hurt now!

Chen Yuan snapped out of his daze and now looked at him with a mocking expression. He didn’t mask his disdain at all. “How could Qiao Chen tell him that! She only tells him that Sister Nian causes trouble in school, that she doesn’t study hard, or some other rumors about her… Sister Nian is never good in their eyes, because to the both of them, only they’re the best! But well, it’s good that they can admire each other. If they were with any other people, they’d be dragging them down!”

A b*tch with a dog—a match made in heaven!

Chen Yuan had learned how to tackle people like these with all sorts of mean words, but he usually kept it to himself in front of Qiao Nian.

But with Fu Ge standing before him, he could not hold it in.

“Ha, then that’s strange. If you look down on Sister Nian, why do you keep coming to look for her? And that Qiao Chen, shouldn’t she know very well whether Siser Nian can make it to Qing University or not? How could she have the face to get you to mock Qiao Nian for not being good enough for it?”

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