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Chapter 327: Walking Down Two Separate Paths

“Before she was exposed, she mentioned once that Sister Nian helped her change the song. You were the only one who believed that she was gentle, innocent, and had no selfishness in this matter. It was always other people looking to harm her.”

Chen Yuan stared into his eyes and said, “To put it bluntly, we wouldn’t dislike her if she wasn’t in the wrong! Even if we’re bad, she’s also not a good person.”

Shen Qingqing immediately retorted, “Chen Yuan, who are you calling bad? If you say Qiao Chen, just talk about Qiao Chen. Don’t drag us into all this.”

Although she complained, her next sentence was the opposite. “Even if I’m a bad person, I would also not want to be grouped with someone like her. She’s just so two-faced.”

“Oof!” Liang Bowen couldn’t help but laugh.

Several people from Class A also failed to hold in their laughter.

Jiang Tingting mercilessly mocked him. “Senior Fu Ge, I advise you to polish your spectacles. I used to like you very much. But from today on, you’re more like a passer-by to me.”

Fu Ge was a legend in their school.

Three years older than them.

He came from a good family, had good looks, and achieved good grades.

He was just like a hero in an idol drama. Just based on these conditions, one could easily write up a whole drama filled with love, hate, and revenge.

The fantasy could range from the campus to the city, followed by a family struggle for wealth.

But after seeing him in real life, it might have been better if they stuck to fantasizing based on the posts online!

“Qiao Chen’s always looking for trouble with Sister Nian at school, and it was always her who started the arguments. Besides, regarding the matter about their grades, Sister Nian’s in Class A while she’s in Class B. Is that not enough to explain everything? You keep saying that Qiao Chen is better than Sister Nian. But I wonder, in what aspect is she better? If she’s really better than Sister Nian, she should be in our class. What’s she doing in Class B? Trying to experience life?”

They didn’t stop scolding him and Qiao Chen. Furthermore, they were all from First High School and were not afraid to embarrass him.

Fu Ge had no light on his face, and his handsome face was pale. He clenched his fists as he felt shameful and had no more will to carry on. He pathetically said to Qiao Nian, “I will ask Chen Chen about your recommendation to Qing University. If it really is as you say, I will apologize to you.”

Qiao Nian raised her eyes. They were dark and cold. She frowned and said simply, “You don’t need to apologize. You can just stay away from me in the future.”

Fu Ge took a deep breath, and his handsome face looked sincere. “I will apologize if I have misunderstood you. If I really did, I’m not the kind of person who can’t realize his wrongs. Don’t worry.”

Qiao Nian suspected that he did not understand what she said. Thus, she should say it directly so that even he could understand her meaning. “I mean, it doesn’t matter even if you misunderstand me. But next time, please stay away from me. Don’t block me and spout nonsense like today. You’re just bothering me!”

Even tigers needed to rest. Fu Ge wasn’t a gentleman. Anyone who could mix well with Qiao Chen didn’t have much light in them.

Even if she left, Shen Qingqing and Chen Yuan were still here.

It would be too easy for Fu Ge to take revenge on them. It would be safer if she was here. At least he would be afraid!

Qiao Nian’s eyes were very light, and her posture displayed a sense of determination. “We’re both walking different paths from now on.”

That was the only thing she had to say for people like Fu Ge.

After Qiao Nian said goodbye to Shen Qingqing and her friends.

In the car.

She rested her back on the backrest of the seat looking down and playing with her cell phone.

Her cell phone was pure black and had a simple style, unlike other girls who liked to buy fancy cell phone covers. Ye Wangchuan looked at her white fingers typing from time to time and did not know who she was messaging.

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