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Chapter 320: Don’t Dare to Mess With Qiao Nian

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Fu Ge indeed had this meaning.

Chen Yuan hadn’t given him face just now. He originally wanted to mention Aunt Chen to ease his frustration, but before he said it, Chen Yuan spoke first.

On the contrary, he appeared to be like a petty bully.

A little embarrassed, Fu Ge stuttered dryly, “I didn’t mean that.”

Chen Yuan dismissed his explanation with a sneer, not even interested in questioning him.

He had been rebellious for a period of time before and had cared about the issue of birth. He couldn’t figure out why people like Fu Ge and Qiao Chen were superior at birth. They were born dwarf, and when it came to their family, they should be treated with tinted glasses.

At that time, he had been full of negative energy and hostility, and for a time he wanted to win the respect of others on his own by mixing with society.

But he still freshly remembered what Qiao Nian had said to him.

She had said, ‘All roads lead to Rome, and learning is the best and fastest way tested by everyone. Respect is not given to yourself by others, you must first learn to respect yourself!’

He had long wanted to understand this, that the present did not stand for the future!

He might not be worse than others in the future when he studied hard. He had nothing to feel inferior about, and should not be afraid of his family.

His parents had worked hard for him to study, neither stealing nor robbing. Compared with people like Qiao Weimin, they were kinder, more practical, and grateful. He should be proud of them instead of having low self-esteem.

“It doesn’t matter what you mean. I can’t control other people’s minds. I just want to tell you that if you want to say this, there’s no need to waste time. I can help you.”

He was obviously hitting himself in the face!

The Fu Family was one of the largest families in Rao City, but the son of a nanny dared to shame him in public.

Fu Ge looked a little embarrassed. His eyes suppressed his gloomy mood as he stared at Chen Yuan.

He couldn’t teach Qiao Nian a lesson with the Jiang Family backing her up. However, it was extremely easy to make an ordinary family with a street stall as their livelihood unable to survive—he only had to take care of the local ruffian.

Qiao Nian saw the darkness in his eyes and raised her porcelain-white face, seamlessly blocking his view of Chen Yuan. She said with an indifferent expression, “Say what you want, I’m in a rush.”

When Fu Ge met her gaze, he realized that she and Chen Yuan’s mother, Aunt Chen, had a very good relationship. If he moved Aunt Chen, Qiao Nian… he wasn’t afraid of a high school girl. No matter how strong the Jiang Family was, the Fu Family’s foundation was not bad in Beijing. But the problem was those who followed Qiao Nian.

Yuan Yongqin, Ye Wangchuan, Su Huaiyuan, a young man he didn’t know but didn’t seem easy to mess with, and the unknown old man who had wrongly walked into their box that day. According to Tang Wei’s reaction, he should also be a top figure…

He took a deep breath, suppressed the irritation in his chest, and tried his best not to look at Chen Yuan behind her. His face was not very pleasant as he said, “It’s nothing…”

At exactly this time, Qiao Nian’s phone lit up.

She looked down and saw that it was a message from Gu San, telling her that they had arrived.

When she raised her head again, she no longer had so much patience. Her crimson lips were pursed, and her brows were wild. “Since you have nothing to say, don’t get in my way.”


As soon as these words came out, Fu Ge’s handsome face twisted uncontrollably. He clenched his fists, once again stood in front of them, and took a deep breath.

“… I have something to say.”

Qiao Nian was already impatient to be repeatedly stopped by him, and her voice expressed her irritation. “Don’t beat about the bush, stop wasting my time!”

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