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Chapter 321: When Will You Bring Her Home?

She had always been a person with limited patience. If Shen Qingqing and Chen Yuan weren’t here, she would have walked past whoever was in the way.

Fu Ge stared at the girl in front. She had pale skin, dazzling eyes, and the black and white color scheme looked simple and generous. Her eyes were dark as ink, and her eyelashes were curled up. Everyone could see her unwilling attitude, but her body seemed mysterious, attracting people’s attention.

Even if she had a bad attitude towards him, Fu Ge still failed to look away from her and became more and more attracted to her. “I have something for you.”

On the side of the road, the black Phaeton stopped quietly under the shadow of the tree.

The man sitting in the back of the car lifted his long legs and leaned there, holding a mobile phone in one hand with a lazy expression. His eyelashes just covered the emotions in his eyes, making it impossible to spy on what he was thinking at this moment.

“Go back in a few days… Around the third… Mm-hm… I’m not sure about the details yet.”

His voice was as low as a drum beat on the human heart.

“… I’ll contact you when I arrive.”

At Ye Mansion in Beijing, an old man with a white beard and hair stood wearing a Chinese tunic suit with a straight back. His eyes showed a prestigious look. While on a phone call, his solemn face showed a rare expression of anger, and he looked extremely gloomy.

“You bastard, when are you coming back? I think you don’t want to come back because you’re indulging in pleasure! Chen Chen hasn’t called me lately.”

Ye Wangchuan listened to the roaring on the phone, and his thin lips curled up. He casually said, “You can call him if you want, he won’t ignore your calls.”

There were unfinished words inside.

Although Ye Qichen’s thoughts were all on Qiao Nian, he was mostly absent-minded after the call…

He just didn’t say this.

“Hmph! Why should I call first? He should call me!”

He sounded quite arrogant.

“…” Ye Wangchuan raised an eyebrow and looked at the phone display. How ironic, Old Master had obviously called him first.

He changed into a comfortable sitting position and already wanted to hang up. “Okay, Grandpa, why did you call?”

Old Master Ye, who was far away in the Ye Mansion, had a gloomy face, and almost couldn’t hold back his anger. This shameless grandson of his! He endured his anger, coughed, and suddenly asked, “Isn’t Qiao Nian coming to Beijing, too? When are you going to bring her back to meet with me?”

“How did you know that she was going to Beijing? Gu San told you?” Ye Wangchuan lowered his eyelids and moved the string of Buddha beads on his wrist.

The Buddha beads should give people the impression of calmness, but when they flicked between his fingers, there was an indescribable brutal force.

Gu San was so scared that his neck went cold. He quickly raised his hand, silently saying that he hadn’t said anything!

“Hmph, you haven’t come back for half a year and suddenly told me that you want to come back. I guessed that Qiao Nian is coming to Beijing, and you’re just following her.

“How could a man run around with his wife all day long!”

His words were full of might, a match for Ye Lan.

Although his words were harsh, his tone was still very warm. “Your aunt told me that Qiao Nian cured Chen Chen’s legs and that once Chen Chen recovers, he can walk like a normal child. She… she and her mom are also our Ye Family’s benefactor. Don’t worry, I’m not that stubborn. I remember your marriage contract with her, and I won’t put her on the spot!”

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