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Chapter 319: Same Morals as Qiao Chen

The voice sounded husky.

It was very distinctive!

Qiao Nian stopped and put her hands into her pockets, emitting a strong sense of impatience from her eyes. She didn’t even want to acknowledge the man walking towards them.

Liang Bowen said, “Sister Nian, it’s Fu Ge.”

“Yes, I know.” A trace of anger could be seen in her gaze.

Chen Yuan was extremely defensive. He stared at the person walking towards them, lowered his voice, and said unhappily, “What does he want now?”

The group of students from Class A all knew of his relationship with Qiao Chen, and everyone’s expressions did not seem to welcome him.

In the blink of an eye, Fu Ge had already walked up to them. He looked straight at the girl standing in the middle of the crowd. While not the most attention-grabbing, she carried a distinctive aura around herself. His gaze settled down on her and he said, “Qiao Nian, can we speak alone? I have something to tell you.”

“If you have anything to say, you can just say it here!”

Silence ensued for a moment.

Today, Qiao Nian was wearing a simple black vest with a blue shirt, jeans wrapped around her slender legs, and a pair of converse black high-top canvas shoes. She was also carrying a sling bag over her shoulder.

This kind of style would look unassuming and typical for any other girl, but it brought out her wild look.

That kind of wildness was like that of a lone wolf, naturally rebellious and full of vigor.

Fu Ge looked at her and couldn’t help thinking of when he first saw her. She seemed so amazing. After that, he couldn’t help but be attracted to her. Then, he was kind to her. It took him more than a year to catch up with her. At first, she was just like a treasure. He wanted to give her the best things in the world. But the more he got along with her, the more tired he became.

A girlfriend who wouldn’t hold his hand, hug him or kiss him. It was like she was a flower growing atop a mountain, someone who could only be admired.

On the other hand, the other girl was a caring, gentle, considerate, naive, and innocent sister. She always expressed her affection cutely, and always gave him her first times unconditionally.

Between the two, the choice was obvious for a man. He merely chose what any other man would have chosen. But in the end, why did everyone say that he was in the wrong?

Fu Ge wanted to talk to her alone. However, seeing that she did not have any intention of listening to him, his thin lips pursed involuntarily. His handsome face held back his anger, and he said to her friends, “Hello, I want to talk to her alone. If it is convenient, can you leave us alone for a while?”

His appearance still looked excellent. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been chosen as First High School’s campus’s most handsome student. He was also a legendary senior in First High School. It was said that the juniors took his advice very seriously.

Who would have ever thought that neither Liang Bowen nor Shen Qingqing had any intention of moving?

Chen Yuan also said directly, “Sister Nian didn’t say anything. Why should we go? You’re also not talking about something shameful. If you have something to say, just say it. If you don’t want to say it, then forget about it. Don’t get in our way!”

What kind of attitude was that!

Fu Ge took a deep breath and took a long look at him. Seeming to recognize him, he laughed. “Are you Chen Yuan? Aunt Chen…”

Before he finished talking, Chen Yuan interrupted him. Expressionlessly, he coldly said, “My mom is doing very well. She used to be a housekeeper in the Qiao Family, but she has already resigned long ago. She has opened a Mala soup stall now, and my friends have all tried it before! If you want to say that my mother used to be a housekeeper, it is unnecessary. She worked so hard to earn money for me to study. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about!”

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