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Chapter 32: I Completed It Very Seriously

Chen Xi recalled what Qiao Weimin said over the phone yesterday. He pressed his lips into a line and said softly, “The results aren’t good.”

“That’s usually the case for people who pull strings to transfer schools. In any case, our class doesn’t accept this. As you said, this is their Third Year, they’re too close to the college entrance examinations. What’s the point of transferring over here if her results aren’t good? She’ll pull down the class average!”

Class C’s headteacher seemed to agree. “That’s true.”

The teachers had their assessments as well. Their year-end bonuses depended very much on their students’ results. Nobody wanted to sacrifice their benefits for no good reason.

Chen Xi quickly picked out his students’ information from the stack of documents on his desk. He held them to his chest and said to Class C’s headteacher, “I’ve sorted out my students’ documents for the start of the semester. Old Liu, I’ll get going first.”

Seeing that she was about to leave, Class C’s headteacher was shocked and tried to keep her around. “The transfer student is already here. Aren’t you going to find out how she’ll do for her examination?”

Chen Xi had already told Qiao Weimin she wouldn’t let Qiao Nian join her class. Hence, it didn’t matter whether Qiao Nian’s results could make it or not. That said, she didn’t think Qiao Nian was good enough for Class B, anyway!

“No, I’ll be going to class earlier. I have to announce some good news.”

Class C’s headteacher had heard about it and now had a look of envy. “Qiao Chen from your class already has a reserved spot in Ren Yi, right? That’s great, I’ve been seeing this news all over the notice boards in school. You’ll be the headteacher of a future star. Don’t forget your colleagues when you’re famous!”

“Haha, I’ll get going first.”

The dean of teaching came over to hand Qiao Nian her examination paper, as well as a sheet of rough paper and a pen. “The principal isn’t here yet. Sit here and take your paper first, I’ll mark it for you when you’re done. The principal will decide which class you’ll join.”


Qiao Nian took the paper casually and scanned the questions.

As she guessed, they were all unsubstantial questions. How absurd!

Examinations were always like this. The questions were never useful for the students’ future in society.

The dean thought that she was stumped by the questions and said in a rare comforting tone, “There are English, Chinese, Physics, and Chemistry questions in this paper. You have 90 minutes to complete them, so don’t worry, take your time to write. Quality is more important than quantity…”

Qiao Nian nodded, seeming to have heard him. She put the paper down and did not use the pen given to her by the dean. She took out a black liquid-gel pen from her bag instead.

“Take your time to write.”

Seeing that she’d started to answer the questions, he went to join the other teachers in sorting out his class materials.

He wasn’t worried that Qiao Nian would cheat. There were surveillance cameras in the office and so many teachers were around. If this transfer student really cheated, it simply meant that she wasn’t smart enough, nor were her values right!

Some time passed.

Half an hour later.

Qiao Nian put her pen down and said out of the blue, “Teacher, I’m done.”

The dean was a little shocked to hear that. He walked over and asked, “That’s fast. Aren’t you going to check it through?”

Qiao Nian capped her pen and said a little coldly, “There’s no need.”


He bent over and picked up her paper. He could see that she’d finished every question, but still fulfilled his duty by saying, “Student Qiao Nian, this will affect which class you’ll be going to. You’ve got to be serious.”

Qiao Nian looked up. “Mm, I completed it very seriously.”

At least, this was the most serious she’d been for an examination.

The dean of teaching could tell that she really wasn’t going to look through it again. He sighed and said, “Alright, then. I’ll mark it for you.”

The other teachers gathered when they saw that he was about to mark the paper. All of them were interested to see how this transfer student did!

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