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Chapter 33: Entering Class A With Full Marks

The principal’s office was silent for 10 minutes.

The dean of teaching hadn’t written anything on the paper with his red pen yet. His expression was serious as he looked left and right of the paper uneasily. Eventually, he got up and said, “Hold on, I’ll take a look at the surveillance footage.”

The other teachers were slightly confused.

“What’s he looking at the surveillance footage for?”

Class C’s headteacher picked up Qiao Nian’s paper.

The dean had been in their line of sight, so the teachers didn’t manage to see the paper clearly.

The other teachers now came forward and scanned the paper together.

Multiple-choice questions… perfectly done.

Open-ended questions… perfectly done.

They compared her answers to the model answers by the side and got increasingly surprised. They could barely believe their eyes.

All questions correct!

The next page as well!

And the following!

How was this possible?

The teachers’ expressions changed as they turned towards Qiao Nian.

Qiao Nian’s pretty face was almost expressionless. She didn’t look at the teachers. It seemed as if she was so confident in her answers, she wasn’t even interested in the marking process.

She appeared to be scrolling through her phone notifications.

[Jiang Li: Nian Nian, Second Bro has some work to attend to tonight and won’t be available. Don’t stray too far from school when you’re done, I’ll get Master Wang to fetch you.]

Qiao Nian replied to him.

The next moment, another message came in.

[Ye Wangchuan: How’s the examination?]

Qiao Nian raised her brow slightly and typed the reply.

Another message came in from him.

[Ye Wangchuan: Do you want to join Class A? I can let the school know.]

Hm… Qiao Nian squinted as she kept her eyes on her cell phone screen. She made sure that her response was just ordinary and did not suggest anything extraordinary about her performance.

As far as she knew, Rao City’s First High School was very strict with its regulations. They were already making an exception for her when they allowed her to transfer in her Third Year. What exactly was his background that he was able to decide which class she’d join?

“Student Qiao Nian.”

Before she managed to send the reply message, the dean of teaching called her. She placed her cell phone back in her bag, picked up her belongings, and went to him.

There was an anonymous post on the First High School forum all of a sudden.

[Damn, the new transfer student got full marks for her entrance examination and got into Class A!]

Not many people saw it initially, but as more comments came in, it shifted higher on the webpage.

[7th: OP (original poster) must be kidding, our school’s papers are so freaking hard, how could anyone score full marks.]

[8th: If anyone scores full marks on our school’s paper, I’ll live-stream myself eating sh*t!]

[9th: Alright @ previous commenter. If there really is a miracle, don’t worry, you won’t have enough sh*t. I’ll gladly sponsor it for you.]

[10th: Sponsor +1]

[27th: Protect OP. Don’t worry, I won’t shut you down like they do. I’ll just watch you talk crap.]

Zhao Jingwei was scrolling through her cell phone as Qiao Chen walked back to the classroom building. The most popular post on the forum now was about Qiao Chen’s reserved spot in Ren Yi. She congratulated Qiao Chen while scrolling through the newest notifications.

“Chen Chen, your post is super popular. You’re really the School Belle, so many people are onto you.”

Qiao Chen smiled elegantly. “I’m alright. Everyone’s just excited because it’s Ren Yi.”

Ren Yi was practically the Tsinghua University and Peking University of the Humanities field. It was one of the most renowned schools in the capital; it was no wonder Qiao Chen was so proud!

Zhao Jingwei knew what Qiao Chen’s results were like and was envious that she had rich parents. She was busy scrolling and got stunned for a moment when she read the post just under Qiao Chen’s. Her face was filled with incredulity. “What’s this?”

The transfer student scored full marks for her entrance examination?

Wasn’t that the fake rich girl from Qiao Chen’s family?

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