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Chapter 31: Are You Qiao Nian?

Rao City’s First High School was a century-old. Every year, their students were admitted to the two top universities, Qingda University and Beijing University. There were many celebrity alumni in previous years as well, so the school was said to be the best in Rao City.

At the beginning of the new semester, a crowd formed at the school gate as parents drove their kids to school.

Among them, the royal blue Bentley that Qiao Weimin drove was particularly eye-catching on the road.

Many parents sending their children to school looked in their direction with curious and enviable eyes. Qiao Weimin and Qiao Chen were full of a spring breeze, arrogantly accepting the envious gazes from all sides.

Qiao Nian only gave them one glance before lifting her shoulder bag and entering the school gates. She acted as if they were completely unrelated to her.

However, it was Qiao Chen who saw a familiar blue figure from a distance. She recognized her and grabbed Qiao Weimin, pointing at Qiao Nian’s back. “Dad, is that my sister? It looks like her from the back.”

When Qiao Weimin looked in the direction she was pointing at, the arrogant figure had already disappeared from the crowd.

He frowned and said nonchalantly, “Leave her alone. Anyway, she won’t be in the same class as you. If you bump into her in school, just pretend you don’t know her.”

Glancing in the direction Qiao Nian had disappeared, the corners of Qiao Chen’s mouth curled up. She stood beside Qiao Weimin and nodded, hiding the sneer in her eyes.

That’s right, Qiao Nian’s grades would only take her to Class D or F. She might even go to a trash class like Class S!

She and Qiao Nian were destined to be the difference between the white clouds in the sky and the dirt on the ground!

Qiao Chen’s mood suddenly became better. It just so happened that her close friends arrived at this moment, so she threw Qiao Nian to the back of her mind and started chatting with Zhao Jingwei and the others.

Outside the principal’s office.

Qiao Nian knocked on the door.

“Come in.”

She opened the door to see the spacious and bright principal’s office. A row of green plants stood in front of a huge desk, and except for the large leather desk, the walls were filled with bookshelves. She glanced briefly past the bookshelf and saw many English original masterpieces.

She closed the door.

There was more than one person inside.

The first person to greet her was a man holding a portfolio, probably in his early forties, with sparse hair and scorched skin. However, his eyes were bright and serious as he stared at her, first stunned for a moment, before lowering his head and turning over the information in his hand. “Student Qiao Nian, right?” he asked.

Because of the bad angle and the dim light in the profile picture, the girl appeared rustic and her facial features were blurry in the picture.

The dean of teaching glanced at the beautiful, ostentatious, and slightly undisciplined girl in front of him. How could she be the girl in the photo?

“Are you Qiao Nian?”

Qiao Nian felt his gaze stay on her face for three or four seconds, and the end of her eyebrows turned carefree. “I’m Qiao Nian. Hello, teacher.”

She was so carefree!

“Oh, hello. Sit down first.”

The other teachers originally sorting through the school materials immediately looked up and focused their attention on her.

Chen Xi was among them.

She looked at the girl walking in with the dean of teaching and was stunned for a moment, thinking that she must have seen wrongly. She nudged the teacher next to her and asked softly, “Ah Liu, is this the new transfer student?”

Class C’s headteacher was a simple and honest man. He also looked curiously at Qiao Nian and said, “She’s the only transfer student. And seeing how she has come into the principal’s office, it’s probably her. This little girl looks pretty good and smart. I wonder how her grades are like.”

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