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Chapter 307: Presumed to Fail Qing University

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But whether it was Qiao Nian or Qiao Chen, these relatives in Rao City were small people in his eyes. His vision and focus would always be in Beijing.


The contradictions between these small people were nothing more than trivial things in his eyes.

Not being able to compromise simply meant the profits weren’t enough.

Poor people could be easily dealt with by giving them money.


This was exactly the case for his niece Qiao Chen. She originally pulled a long face upon seeing him, but after hearing that he could bring her to Beijing, she was full of smiles.

So, he naturally assumed the same for Qiao Nian.


It was not a stalemate situation yet.

He looked at her and said after phrasing his words, “Chen Chen is going to Beijing to study, she wants to participate in the independent enrollment of Qing University.”

Qiao Nian raised her eyebrows upon hearing this for the first time, and she didn’t seem to have much of a reaction. “Oh.”

She had pretty good luck.

She had just lost her place in Ren Yi, but in the blink of an eye, had an even better place in Qing University. It seemed like Shen Jingyan had given her a lot of help.

However, Qiao Chen’s grades were not good enough for Qing University… Qiao Nian’s eyes flashed wickedly. It wasn’t that she looked down on her, she just didn’t take her seriously!

Her reaction fell in Shen Jingyan’s eyes and became “deliberate” as if she was “deliberately” pretending not to care.

Shen Jingyan immediately said, “Do you want to take Qing University’s exam?”

“Hmm?” Qiao Nian glanced at him inexplicably, then replied in a hoarse and a little lazy voice, “Yes.”

Shen Jingyan smiled and asked, “Would you like to go to Beijing with me? Just like Chen Chen, I’ll arrange a tutor for you. You can seize this month to make up for the lessons you’ve missed. When your written test results come out, and if they’re not too bad, I’ll use my connections and obtain an interview for you. This way, the probability of entering Qing University is much higher.”

He didn’t know that a figure like Liang Lu of Qing University had already personally visited Qiao Nian and had directly given her a place to study in the ace department of professional clinical medicine.

However, Qiao Nian had refused.

He simply remembered that Qiao Nian’s grades were average, even a little worse than Qiao Chen’s.

Qiao Chen would definitely take the art route. The music department had lower requirements than other departments in cultural courses. If Qiao Chen found it difficult to pass Qing University’s exams, then Qiao Nian naturally needed tutoring.

He promised her. “Don’t worry, you’re the same as Chen Chen to me. Both of you are my nieces, I’ll give you whatever I have given her. You’re both the same in my eyes.”

The reason why Qiao Nian had been willing to answer his phone and come over for the appointment was only that Shen Jingyan was the only person in the Qiao Family who treated her nicely.

At least in the few days when he came to the Qiao Family’s house, whenever he brought gifts for Qiao Chen, he never forgot to give her one as well.

She was willing to give him face and treat him as an elder, but nothing more. Shen Jingyan and Chen Chen could never have the same status in her heart. She could compromise for the little guy, but Shen Jingyan… forget about it.

Qiao Nian didn’t directly answer his question about going to Beijing, but only asked him, “How long does Uncle Shen plan to play in Rao City?”

Shen Jingyan was such a smart person, he could see at a glance that she was silently rejecting him. Despite feeling slightly disappointed in his heart, he remained calm and smiled. “If I’m bringing Chen Chen back to Beijing, I might not stay for a few days.”

Qiao Nian leaned forward, her dark eyes clear and bright, dark and deep. She looked at him and said casually, “Make some time before you leave. I’ll treat you to dinner, and you can decide the place.”

Shen Jingyan had come from Beijing and didn’t like restaurants in small places like Rao City. He had only heard that Waterside Loft wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t easy to book.

When he came back last time, Qiao Weimin hadn’t managed to make a reservation.


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