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Chapter 308: Chance to Regret

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He didn’t believe that someone as small as Qiao Nian could book places like Waterside Loft. He took it that she was talking about a normal restaurant and pursed his lips haughtily. “Let’s see when the time comes, I might not have the time.”

He didn’t say anything to embarrass her, and said sincerely, “I’ll try to spare time. If I have time, I’ll call you.”

Qiao Nian nodded. “Alright. Tell me whenever, and I’ll reserve a place.”

Shen Jingyan looked at her exceptionally outstanding face, feeling quite regretful, and more of self-confidence and superiority brought by his own strength.

Seeing that he couldn’t win Qiao Nian’s favor, for the time being, he temporarily let go of his thoughts about getting close and relaxed his eyebrows. “Nian Nian, how do your current parents treat you?”

He had heard about her biological parents, and they seemed to be Rao City’s Jiang Family.

He knew that the Old Master of the Jiang Family had a wide network of contacts, a little strength in Beijing, and a good relationship with the Ye Family and other families.

He didn’t mention Qiao Weimin, so Qiao Nian could still chat with him. She leaned on her shoulder and said, “Okay.”

Specifically, she didn’t want to talk so much to Shen Jingyan.

Shen Jingyan just asked casually and didn’t necessarily sincerely care. But for Qiao Nian, he was still optimistic and also liked her, so he said, “You can think about going to Beijing again. Before I leave Rao City, tell me if you regret it.”

Without waiting for her answer, he continued, “Even if you decide to go to Qing University by yourself in the end, you can contact me when you arrive in Beijing. I might not have much, but I still know a few people there. I can take you to eat and have fun. It’s okay to play a little, too.”

Qiao Nian’s cold jawline softened a little, and she nodded before chatting with him about other things.

Shen Jingyan was well-informed and was also a smooth and slick character in Beijing. He wanted to win over Qiao Nian, so he carried on the conversation no matter what. Besides just chatting, he would even say a few words of concern for her from time to time. In terms of pulling relationships, he was much stronger than Qiao Weimin and Shen Qiongzhi, who could only force people.

He deliberately catered to her, and the atmosphere inside the coffee shop as they chatted was very harmonious.

Until Qiao Nian’s phone vibrated.

[Little Cutie Chen Chen: Sister, my uncle and I arrived home. (image)]

Below was a photo of them arriving home.

[Little Cutie Chen Chen: My uncle accompanied me for rehabilitation, and my ankle still hurts, but I’ll listen to Sister and recover well. When I get better, I can go shopping with Sister. Hehe~]

He sent a round little yellow face that was smiling widely.

As messages came continuously, Qiao Nian began to keep looking at her phone, sometimes not deliberately. But when her phone vibrated, she couldn’t help but want to see what the little guy had sent to her.

Holding her mobile phone in one hand, she looked at the messages from time to time and replied to Shen Jingyan. When she lowered her head, Shen Jingyan could see that she was absent-minded, and was more focused on the phone.

[Little Cutie Chen Chen: Sister, are you coming back for dinner tonight?]

This time he sent an innocent face.

Qiao Nian’s dark eyes looked at her phone, with her fingers resting on it, sitting loosely without a proper shape.

That wicked unrestrained aura was back!

It just so happened that the cup of coffee in front of Shen Jingyan was almost finished. She got up first and said, “Uncle Shen, it’s getting late. I should go back. If you have time, remember to call me. And don’t forget about our meal.”

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