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Chapter 306: Hurt to the Extreme

Qiao Nian only raised her eyelids. She had thin eyelids and extremely dark pupils. When she looked at people, she appeared indifferent and wicked, as if she was wild and untamable.

“Five years.”

Her tone was casual and loose.

It cut off all conversation.

Shen Jingyan was a little embarrassed and didn’t know how to start a conversation for a while. Fortunately, the waiter brought him the coffee. He took a sip and eased his sorrow a little, then looked at her again.

He seemed to consider his tone, and said slowly, “I heard your parents talk about what happened in the past six months…”

Qiao Nian’s motion of stirring the drink paused for a second, and she raised her eyes to look at him.

Shen Jingyan felt as if her light gaze was piercing through him, and he almost dodged her sight. But after all, he had seen the world and was not someone like Qiao Weimin who dealt with business circles all day long.

In the blink of an eye, he calmed down and smiled apologetically. “I was in Beijing before, busy with many things in the past few years, so I didn’t have time to see you in Rao City. I don’t know what happened during that time. If I had known, I would have scolded your mom, and not let them do such foolish things…”

Qiao Nian threw away the spoon with her slender white hand and leaned back on the chair. Her dark eyes looked at him like a dot of ink, and she asked casually, “Qiao Weimin asked you to talk about this?”

Her attitude didn’t seem easy to re-conciliate with!

Shen Jingyan’s heart twitched, telling him instinctively that the recent events were not as simple as his own sister said, and there might be inside stories.

At least he had been in contact with Qiao Nian before. She looked cold on the outside but was not that unsympathetic inside.

She was very tolerant of the people she cared about.

Chen Chen had been strong since childhood and wanted to be the best in everything. His sister was a very biased person and doted on her very much.

Children who grew up in this environment were somewhat jealous and hateful.

He had seen Qiao Nian several times. Although she wasn’t talkative and was cold-tempered, she was extremely tolerant of Qiao Chen, and at least didn’t insist on snatching things from her.

Every time he brought back a gift from Beijing, she would only take the leftovers after Chen Chen had chosen.

Sometimes, she wouldn’t even take it.

He would have to force her to accept the gift.

Such a cold-faced and warm-hearted person, unless sad to the extreme, would not easily push the people in her life out of her circle!

Shen Jingyan still felt irritated towards Shen Qiongzhi in his heart and found it hard to cheer himself up. He faced Qiao Nian and answered her sharp question, “When I came back, I heard something about you, but I don’t know exactly what happened. I just know that half a year ago, you found your biological parents and were taken home by them. Then, you transferred to First High School. You two sisters had a little conflict with each other, but your parents stood on Chen Chen’s side, hurting you…”

His answer was not unsightly.

At least, in this case, no one would believe him if he said he didn’t know anything!

But if he said that he already knew everything and had run over to make peace, it would seem like he was also biased towards Qiao Chen and standing on her side. In that case, it would easily hurt Qiao Nian’s feelings.

The best option was to half-admit and half-deny, which made him appear more sincere.

However, he wasn’t lying either. He had just returned to Rao City, only to find out that Qiao Nian had fallen out with the Qiao Family, and that Cheng Feng Corporation was related to her. At this moment, he had to repair their relationship. His useless brother-in-law was about to go bankrupt, and their family was leading a miserable life.

Qiao Chen’s recommended place in Ren Yi was also gone.

He wasn’t particularly clear about the other things!

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