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Chapter 300: Now I Feel Like Master Wang and Miss Qiao Are Compatible


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Gu San looked at the back of the girl who went in with the clothes, and the corners of his mouth twitched. He glanced at the man next to him and said in a low voice, “Master Wang, did you ask Young Master to do this because you knew that Miss Qiao would compromise?”

Master Wang had been the one to bring Young Master into the shop just now. He had first fancied the dress and then talked to Young Master about the birthday gift all of a sudden. In the end, it became a show where the Young Master wanted to buy Miss Qiao a birthday gift and was worried that she would not accept it…

Ye Wangchuan looked away, his eyelashes hanging down, his thin lips curled up slightly. He put his hands into his pockets and raised his cold-lined jaw, staring at the girl’s back in the fitting room. “Her personality is usually too cold. Only with Chen Chen is she like a girl of her age. She likes Chen Chen, who also likes her. Isn’t it right to let them get in touch more?”

Gu San shrank back upon meeting his oppressive gaze and said weakly, “There’s nothing wrong with it. I just thought that if Master Wang wanted to buy clothes for Miss Qiao, you could say it yourself…”

Every time he would use Young Master as an excuse. Miss Qiao would take ages to realize his sincere intentions!

Upon realizing his thoughts, his heart suddenly skipped a beat.

He didn’t know when he actually started thinking that Master Wang and Miss Qiao were compatible!

Obviously, not long ago, he had still felt that Miss Qiao was not quite equal to Master Wang… But now… he couldn’t help but remember the moment he witnessed Qiao Nian’s programming skills at the previous birthday party and became more and more curious about her in his heart.

Miss Qiao was the genius doctor that everyone wanted to find in Rao City. Let’s not forget that her computing skills were so impressive, and it seemed that she could also play musical instruments…

The more he got to know her, the more he discovered that she was like a puzzle.

Qiao Nian didn’t know that she had conquered another junior fan in just a few days. After changing her clothes in the fitting room, she didn’t want to come out for a long time.

There was only one reason.

She hadn’t worn a dress for too long, and suddenly wearing one made her feel uncomfortable all over.


A staff member knocked on the door, asking worriedly, “Madam, have you changed yet?”

Qiao Nian took a deep breath and opened the door.

What greeted her were a few pairs of eyes looking over.

Forget about the shop staff member and Gu San.

Two pairs of black and beautiful eyes, one large and one small, looked at her at the same time. For some reason, Qiao Nian’s heart was a little irritated, and she didn’t know where to put her hands and feet as she walked out stiffly.

“How is it, is it weird?”

She felt very strange, and she was unaware that she looked unexpectedly stunning in their eyes!

Ye Wangchuan couldn’t hide how breathtaking he found her as he stared at the girl in front of him. Her skin was white, soft pinkish white, and feminine, which reduced her indifference and wicked temperament. The sling strapless dress visually made him pay attention to her head-to-shoulder ratio, showing off her slender swan neck.

Qiao Nian originally belonged to the exquisite and outstanding type of facial features, but she always wore a hoodie, or T-shirt and jeans, and walked in a casual style, which gave a sense of untamable and unrestrained aura in her gentle appearance.

With her sudden change into a fairy-like dress today, the visual impact was so strong that he squinted.

His eyes deepened, and his hand lightly rested on the string of prayer beads on his wrist bone. He regretted encouraging the little guy to let her try on this dress.

He always knew that Qiao Nian was good-looking, not the kind of pretentious kind who relied on makeup and powder.

She was naturally pretty.

He didn’t expect that once she had changed into a dress and slightly dressed up, she would be so beautiful!

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