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Chapter 301: Chen Chen’s Real Gift

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Her white jade-like skin, bright eyes, and white teeth.

Such a face, let alone in Rao City’s small circle, was certainly not inferior to the entire circle of celebrities in Beijing!

She was so beautiful that he wanted to hide her!

He wanted her exclusively.

He didn’t want to share!

Gu San didn’t think so much and was simply amazed by her appearance. He couldn’t help but exclaim, “Miss Qiao, if you wear dresses often, those female stars would be overshadowed!”

She was too beautiful!

He had always thought that the Eldest Lady of the Jiang Family was good-looking, dignified and elegant, and very celebrity-like. He once thought that that kind of appearance was a model among beautiful women.

But now, although the Eldest Lady was indeed good-looking, compared with Miss Qiao, one was earth and one was heaven!

Have you ever seen a celestial fairy being overshadowed by the vulgar makeup and cosmetics of earthly beings?

The answer was definitely a no!

Gu San understood why Ye Wangchuan liked Qiao Nian. As a man, it was really hard not to be moved.

He wasn’t moved because he knew Master Wang liked her.

Furthermore, after getting along for a long time, he treated Qiao Nian more like his sister and friend and didn’t have any thoughts in that regard.

It didn’t prevent him from appreciating her beauty, however!

Seeing his unabashedly praising gaze, Qiao Nian’s brows furrowed uncertainly. “Are you sure it’s okay?”

Ye Qichen had already recovered from his surprise. He raised his icy cute face and nodded fiercely. “It looks good!”

“It looks extremely good!”

Finding his choice of vocabulary not enough to describe her beauty, he pursed his lips and thought of how to express his true inner opinion. Finally, he added, “You’re especially, particularly beautiful!”

Hehe, his sister was the most beautiful!

She looked much more beautiful in a dress than any other girl!

Feeling a sense of pride inside, he handed over another gift that he held tightly in his hands. “This is also for you, Sister.”

Was he still hiding another gift? Ye Wangchuan hadn’t noticed him holding something and only saw the hairpin in his hand now.

It wasn’t big and was completely embellished with shiny “rhinestones”. It was in the shape of a star with a hollow in the middle, about the size of a glass ball.

Seeing the hairpin that Ye Qichen took out, he narrowed his eyes slightly with a darkening gaze.

He recognized this hairpin.

It was his dead cousin, Ye Qichen’s mother, Ye Yuchen’s hairpin.

When the little guy was three years old, he realized that he was different from other children and that everyone else had a mother. Thus, he had run to question the Old Master.

Why did everyone else except him have a mother?

If this kind of problem was placed in another family, the elder might conceal it. For example, they might make a lie that his mother was traveling.

However, no one in the Ye family had ever spoiled a child and had no sense of soothing the child’s soul, so he truthfully told him that his mother had died and had become a star in the sky.

It was that time that Ye Qichen came into contact with the word “death” for the first time.

After that day, he went on a hunger strike for three days and refused to eat a bite of food. He insisted on going to accompany his mother and becoming a star in the sky.

Ye Wangchuan’s eyes deepened as if the dark sea was hidden under his eyes.

It was that time, for the first time in his life, that he had seen the Old Master panicking and at a loss for what to do.

His sister-in-law had taken out his cousin’s belongings and given him the star hairpin, crying and coaxing before getting the little guy to eat obediently.

But after that, the little guy had become temperamental. When he was happy, he would be like a normal kid, playing and laughing.

But when he was unhappy, he would shut himself in the garden room, refusing to come out all day.


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