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Chapter 299: Choosing a Dress

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In the shopping mall, Jiang Li was still picking things. After Qiao Nian dropped a bomb on Qiao Chen, she received a message from Liang Bowen.

[Liang Bowen: Sister Nian, Qiao Chen deleted the post. You’re so impressive.]

Not replying to the message, she put her phone back in her bag indifferently and turned to see if Jiang Li had finished shopping.

Who knew, as soon as she walked to the door of a shop selling women’s clothing, she bumped into a handsome man waiting there with Chen Chen.

“Nian Nian.”

The low voice suddenly called her name.

Qiao Nian felt inexplicably irritated when he called her name as per normal.

Seeing her annoyed and gangsterish expression, the corners of his thin lips rose slightly, and he said softly, “Chen Chen chose a dress for you and wants you to try it out, but was too embarrassed to tell you.”

Chose a dress for her?

Qiao Nian’s dark eyes looked at the little guy next to him subconsciously. Sure enough, Ye Qichen was holding a… white thing similar to a skirt in his hand.

Seeing her look over, the little guy was obviously a little flustered. His little hands tightened around the clothes and he pursed his pink lips, whispering, “I didn’t give Sister a gift on your birthday, so I…”

He had just seen a lot of girls the same age as her coming out in beautiful skirts, but he had never even seen her wearing such skirts.

Uncle Gu said that she had suffered a lot before, and her parents had treated her badly, so she had developed an indifferent character.

He knew that she didn’t like to wear cumbersome clothes, but when he saw other girls the same age as her wearing them, he also wanted to buy beautiful dresses for her.

Gu San had never seen this tiny King Of Beijing being so shy, only in front of Qiao Nian. So, he helped him and said, “Miss Qiao, Young Master has just been shopping inside for a long time before picking this dress. He thought you would look good in it and wanted to buy it for you as a gift, but was afraid you wouldn’t like it…”

Ye Qichen pursed the corner of his mouth, feeling that he was talking too much.

But those big black eyes couldn’t help looking forward to the girl not far away, full of expectations.

He really hoped that she liked the gift he had chosen!

Qiao Nian’s temple suddenly jumped twice, and when she looked at the white skirt in his hand, her head ached even more.

She really didn’t like skirts. There weren’t any other reasons. She simply found it troublesome and inconvenient to wear.

But… if the little guy wanted her to try it on…

When she was hesitating, she heard a low and sultry male voice above her head. “If you don’t like it, you don’t have to force yourself. Chen Chen’s original intention to buy you gifts is to hope you’re happy. If you’re happy, he’ll be happier than anyone else.”

What was he saying?

But the little guy nodded in a hurry, nodding his head like a chicken pecking rice, and softly echoed with a soft and sweet voice, “Yes, I just hope Sister is happy every day! I’m willing to give my happiness to Sister!”

Such a sweet little cutie. He was even willing to give his happiness to make her happy, how could she possibly reject him?

Qiao Nian admitted that she wasn’t so hard-hearted. At least, every time she faced Ye Qichen’s innocent and cute face, she always had no way to be cruel.

Because those eyes were too clean, like the sky. Infinitely tolerant and dependent on her!

Even if she really wasn’t interested in skirts, she stretched out her hand, betraying her heart. “… I’ll try it on.”

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